Friday, March 24, 2017

What's Going on Here?

It has come to my attention that you are trying to enforce fines and penalties die to a faulted return policy that must be rescinded.

It is my intention to republish this advisory in the San Diego Union should this policy not be immediately amended.

Currently, you are charging card holders with damage penalties if they return their books in the outside book drop located on Allison Street in front of the La Mesa branch.

This is insane.

I have seen men urinate into these depositories as well as dump garbage and water bottles.

You have no control over this happening.

I want you to address this matter immediately.

Let violators know that their fines and penalties have been forgiven.

I suggest you build a drop box into your library and as the San Diego city Library has done, install machines in the library which immediately track returned materials.

As recently as November, you had to warn people that they should not dump their presidential election ballots into the book deposit.

Yet you continue to maintain that books returned sticky and/or damaged are the responsibility of the owner.


I look forward to see how you handle this matter or I will share my complaint with those who will be disturbed at your lack of professional conduct.

Steve Tarde CPA

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