Thursday, March 09, 2017


Florence Irene Liebman 1921-2017

Florence Liebman died peacefully March 8 in her 96th year.

Loving wife to Norman for near a half century.

Born in Manhattan, New York.

Mother to Martin, Joyce and Dale.

Four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren spread over the globe.

In a life which neared a century , she will be missed.

A master of Yiddish and a culinary bon vivant, Florence had a joie de vivre which lit up a room.

A longtime resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, Florence spent the final chapter of her life in San Diego to be closest to her youngest daughter Dale.

Her granddaughter Lindsey loved her grandma's keen observations of life and described her as effulgent (look it up).

This tells you as much about Florence as it does about Lindsey.

There is a time to be born and a time to die.

Her grandson Scott tells a story which has been repeated for years.

As a toddle in a stroller, his grandma pointed out something flying in the sky.

"Look! Scott! A plane! A plane, baby."

Scott looked up to the sky and back to his beaming grandma.

"No, grandma. A helicopter."

Which tells you as much about the brilliance of Scott as it hints as to the close relationship Scott would have with his grandma over the next near 40 years.

Her children said she often dressed like a movie star from the golden days of Hollywood and she lived for her children.

Her long time son-in-law often referred to her as "one of a kind," easily the most unique woman he had ever encountered.

Her daughter recalled how she liked telling jokes right up to her final days.

Her grandson had a great word for the dynamic of life. He called it precious.

No one quite lived life like Florence. She truly lived each precious day.

Whether she was ballroom dancing in a party dress in a glittering hall or noshing on chocolate mints, surrounded by her adoring family, she lived life to the max,

Her family recalls one of those last family visits while she told jokes, sang songs and ate mints. Watching her savor those candies was truly a sight, Yes, she loved life, but she lived it with a passion.

When people asked her what was the secret to her longevity, she never hesitated.

"Where am I going to go? I have been given a life and I am going to enjoy it to my final day."

And she did.

Some people were put on this planet to be forever remembered. Florence was one of those people. And we will miss her.

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