Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Writers March 2017

You were excited when you first read my ad.

Writing for a national team of writers.

Sounds like fun.

I had no idea!

I had no idea that I would get thousands of requests for more information and to join immediately.

That is why you are getting this post.

I am offering you a one time 24 hour proposition to join WRITERS as a PARTNER.

Even if you decline, you are still in our data as someone to contact when we start assigning projects.

So what is WRITERS and what does a PARTNER do?

I will be as simple as I can put into words.

WRITERS is a national group of talented individuals like yourself who will team up to promote businesses on social media ostensibly to make an impact that business bottom line.

A PARTNER will join me as an administrator helping me with a myriad of responsibilities, planning the short and long term growth of our organization, interviewing applicants and here is the best part, being first in line when we begin distributing revenues.

I am offering a few PARTNER spots at $200.

The clock starts now.

Only a few slots are open.

When I close the offer--it will remain closed.

You must text me at 619-807-8827 to inform me that your paypal has been sent.

PARTNERS will be contacted in 24 hours as to what project within WRITERS they will be working on first.

We are doing something very exciting here.

I look forward to being in touch soon.


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