Friday, October 13, 2017

Advice Update

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Can You Write a Great Email?

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Partner with CPA/Professor of Visualizatio

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Eat For Free!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Most Patriotic Moment

What was your most patriotic moment?

Post and tag two of your friends.

Does one stand out?

Was it directly after 9/11?

Does it have to do with the flag or the anthem?

Or was it even more personal?

I recall a day in San Diego and the anthem found the family standing with our hands over our hearts.

My daughter-in-law's father was standing with the rest of us that sun splashed day.

As I watched him, I became aware that he was doing more than standing.

He was crying.

Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

This  would  become my definitive patriotic moment and it had little to do with me.

What was wrong with this picture?

This diminutive Filipino-American had fought for the Unites States in World War II and it was the highlight of his life.

This shining moment-3 minutes in a lifetime-gave him the chance to stand in front of all those he loved and show the emotions which filled him with pride.

His pride gave me chills.

I never loved my country more than in those 3 minutes.

And that is why I will forever remain standing!

A wise man once said that those 3 minutes and or flag is a time to celebrate our triumphs and not dwell on what we need to improve.

When was the moment you decided you loved your country?

America wants to know.

Especially today.

A Burger Memoir

I have spent over 50 years looking for the best burger in America.

I will never stop my journey but I may have discovered a far greater audience.

This week in San Diego's Burger Lounge, loyalists begged me to take their story nationwide.

Now it's up to Burger Lounge.

Will they be willing to go off the menu?

America waits for their response.

Let me fill you in with some explanatory facts.

You might recall that the working title is called My Burger Memoir.

From pre McDonalds (that would be Mister B's on Long Island) through the juiciest cheeseburger ever in the seashore city of Long Beach (Timothy Tubbs), I am on a quest to take a bite of them all.

One girl once wrote on a notebook in 6th grade.

Mark, Larry, Paul. I love them all.

Unfortunately I was neither Mark, Larry or Paul.

But I digress.

It all started that day with the Burger Lounge buzz.

"Are you here to taste the burger? Is it your very first time inside the Burger Lounge? Which burger will you order? OMG! You're a writer! You are going to write about your lunch? OMG! I wish I had your job!"

After I thought about that, I couldn't help wondering.

I wish you had my job.too. How much better the world would be if you did. How much better for Burger Lounge as well.

I moved a safe distance away to sample the fare.

They kept buzzing.

Now they were debating the merits of the Big 3.

"He has to try The Classic. It's the grand slam of burgers. The American cheese is to die for!

"No! He's better off with the Lounge Burger. It's the signature of the Lounge!"

"You're both wrong. The Husky Burger has them all beat. Two words for this honey! Damn Good! And Damn Big!"

So what will it be?

It was the voice of my server, Edyth. She actually wanted me to make a choice. But how could I choose?

I was more interested in the choices being made right in front of me.

What first brought them into their very first Burger Lounge? How many Burger Lounges had they visited? What kept bringing them back?

You see I love burgers. I think that is a proven fact. But my mission is far greater. I am seeking to put Memoir on a national scale. People telling their story with the results spreading throughout society.

By understanding that, we will have a story to tell. We will get a greater sense of how different we all are and yet how much alike that makes us.

Would Burger Lounge want to come along for the ride? How many companies could we fit into this vehicle?

Does Burger Lounge want to share their stories by encouraging all of their customers to write their personal burger memoir.

I bit into my burger.

Pretty damn good!

To write memoir is your gift to yourself
To teach memoir is your gift to the world.

Do you want to help me spread the power of memoir and create your own funding center as you succeed?
Show me your passion!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Professor Memoir: the book

Why tell your story

How to tell your story

the groceries










one crazy day





The storytelling course that changes lives

By studying memoir, we share our stories, listen to the stories of others, expand our minds and discover our purpose.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Dobson's Burger

I must have first visited Dobson's in the San Diego Gaslamp before there was such thing as Gaslamp.

People still shake their heads when I give them that one. Before thee Gaslamp? How old is this guy.

But not too long ago there was a Horton Plaza and a city going down the drain. Before it could vanish, Gaslamp was born. Dobson's survived as well.

Chef Martin asked me to come by once more. If you sneak a peek at Chef martin's bio on the Dobson's website, you would think this guy would have little time for a moemoirist who wrote about burgers.

Fact is the chef wears many hats and one of them is a gracious host. He just might greet you and your party when you enter the restaurant. He will be the one with a big smile.

I wasn't there for the frills. Just give me the Dobson's burger and Caesar Salad.

If that impresses me, I will be driven to write about you. If you taste more like Burger King, I will write about that too.

The salad was delicious and two ample sized anchovies joined the salad perched on an island on the western edge of my fancy plate.

I was in heaven but wait, there was more!

The helpful Dobson's waiter was bringing me my piping hot burger. Two big patties!

Tres bien!

Dobson's reminds me of a crowded New York city townhouse with a bustling bar at the entry and a cavern of rooms heading in all directions where you can dine per your mood of the day.

All you need to know is this.

I love the Dobson's Burger.

You will too!

Write me if I am wrong or better yet just bring it to the attention of Chef martin.

He will make it right!