Monday, July 21, 2014

Preller to Padres?

Walt Whitman High School Inducted with Class of 2012

A.J. Preller – Class of 1995, Senior Director of Player Personnel for the Texas Rangers, a major league baseball team. AJ is in charge of player acquisition, where he oversees the team’s scouting operations around the world and manages approximately fifty amateur, professional, and international baseball scouts. He joined the Rangers front office in November 2004, after gaining valuable baseball experience working for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball. AJ has been described by those who work with him as the best in the business at what he does. His accomplishments are the result of his determination, work ethic, and drive – characteristics developed while a student at Walt Whitman High School.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good Morning From San Diego

Hi Wildcats:

I am waiting in anticipation with you for the pending announcement of our 4th induction of our Hall of Fame which will take place at Whitman during Homecoming weekend.

Next Sunday, I will be in Cooperstown, doing my Casey at the Bat bit, which you can view here from a recent TV show with the San Diego Padres network.

If you would like to be updated on future Casey travels, join my Facebook page. You can find it at Casey At The Bat.
Here is what you can do to attract more Wildcat eyes to our Hall of Fame page on Facebook.
Keep inviting your classmates to join us here.
It's that simple.
I find someone to speak to in the Whitman family on a regular basis.
They are asking about you.
Have you checked in with us at one of the neatest high school alumni websites ever?
Classmates are looking for you.
Have a great Sunday and maybe I will see you very soon.
For you see, I am a Wildcat and that has always been very special to me.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Casey on TV at Padres Park in very Social Hour

I visited something called the Social Hour last night on San Diego television for Fox Sports.

They have a neat ballpark in San Diego. They call it Petco named after a company which has to do with dogs.

They never could get away with that in Mudville. Dogs would have to pay to get into our tiny ball field.

Anyway, there was this fella Jesse Agler, who runs the show over there.

He is a sharp lad who has a passion for baseball, right down for being a stickler for the uniform.

Agler is going to go far in the game of baseball. He has both ears and eyes for the game.

He loved that I wore spikes on the set. He asked me why a 154 year old ballplayer would do such a thing. What a question! Supposed I had to take him out on the double play?

He asked me about Mickey Mantle and seemed fascinated that I had met the Mick some years back and that Mick had given me one of his bats.

Mick was plagued all his life with something I have had to deal with.


Some players have a gift for communicating with the public. It took Mick forever to reconcile with the fact that people were fascinated with him and grew up idolizing his every move.

Story goes that Mick was so bugged out about this--that he visualized meeting God at the pearly gates upon his arrival to the afterlife.

God was happy to see The Mick, but he reasoned with Mick that heaven was not going to be his final destination.

Mick grew sullen.

He started to turn away, realizing that a life of partying and alcohol had ultimately cost him his legacy.

God called after him.

A second thought?

"Mick, before you leave. Could you sign a few dozen baseballs?"

So, back to this talented guy Agler.

He is a maestro without the bat.

He had me tell my little poem which you can catch by going to something that they call You Tube and type in Casey At the Bat Steve Tarde.

And if you get the chance, check out this dude Jesse Agler and his sidekick Bill Center and a whole mess of characters.

They talk baseball before Padres games all season long.

What can be better than that?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Casey Great?

"No one imagines that 'Casey' is great in the sense that the poetry of Shakespeare or Dante is great; a comic ballad obviously must be judged by different standards. One doesn’t criticize a slice of superb apple pie because it fails to taste like crepes suzette. Thayer was only trying to write a comic ballad, with clanking rhymes and a vigorous beat, that could be read quickly, understood at once, and laughed at by any newspaper reader who knew baseball. Somehow, in harmony with the curious laws of humor and popular taste, he managed to produce the nation’s best-known piece of comic verse—a ballad that began a native legend as colorful and permanent as that of Johnny Appleseed or Paul Bunyan."[2]

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Season

Seeking a booking agent for my Casey at the Bat performances. Know someone?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Your Future and the Movies

Do you ? Can you imagine your future if you taught it to others?

Do you Think in Movies?

I teach Think in Movies and train my students to teach others.
Will you join my long list of students and change lives?
Why don't we start with yours?

That's Life---That's What All The people Say!

when you you see your life in the future before it happens!

1. Vocabulary
2. Baseball hitting
3. Baseball pitching
4. Relationships
5. Business
6. Leadership
7. Health
8. Diet
9. Toys
10. Basketball Shooting

Think In Movies (Hitting)

A good hitter watches movies of their hitting. A great hitter thinks in movies. That's what I teach!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Rod Carew HOF

"There is a special sensation in getting good wood on the ball and driving a double down the left-field line as the crowd in the ballpark rises to its feet and cheers. But, I also remember how much fun I had as a skinny barefoot kid hitting a tennis ball with a broomstick on a quiet, dusty street in Panama."

Rod Carew HOF

Ask Carew today and he will tell you that he saw it in his mind before he did it on the field.