Friday, October 31, 2014

Casey and Hef

I first met Hef in the 1970"s.

I was in my 80's, but looked 40 years younger. It was a Halloween bash at the Playboy Plaza on Miami Beach, when Hef was into hotels and all that.

He came over to me at the glamorous bar and pit out his hand. I see you are dressed up like Casey at the Bat.

Hef roared with laughter. He might have been squeezing the ass of his gal pal Barbi with his free hand.

I believe there was a cigar in the story as well.

I have to come see you play. Have you met the Pistol--he's a big baseball fan.

I had no idea who the Pistol was, but I would soon find out.

Pistol came out as if on cue and sat his six-foot four inch frame next to me at the bar.

Pete ordered a Michelob. He asked the bartender what kind of night it had been.

The barkeep shrugged. It's Miami and both man laughed.

Pete looked over to me and said: Are we going to get laid tonight?

He certainly wasn't Walt Whitman, who had encouraged me to keep playing when I once pondered retirement.

In minutes, Hef had commissioned a limo and we were off to Place for Steak on the Causeway.

I still didn't think Pete knew who I was, but hell, I was hungry and I loved steak.

Pete treated us all to steaks that night and then Hef stood up and announced that I would perform Casey at the Bat. I almost fell off my chair. I hadn't even memorized the fabled poem, which of course, had been written about me.

I started off all right, but then Pete asked me if Walt Whitman had written the poem. Since Pete was paying for the entire entourage, it seemed perfectly logical to stop and answer his question--so I did.

Funny that he mentioned Walt, because the poet had come to many of my games over the years and told me that he had a formula for my playing baseball for 100 years.

I was probably boring both Pete and Hef, but what followed was the most amazing story of how I became the first and only baseball player to have a 100 year plus career.

And it all started with Walt Whitman--even though he never wrote a word about me.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Tonight is game 6 of the World Series and it very well might be the final game of the baseball season.

Many insiders have given the series to the Giants after their thrilling victories in games 4-5 and taking a 3-2 lead.

Let's not forget that the Kansas City Royals have been written off many times this season and they will not be intimidated by the task of having to win two games.

And by the way, those two games (if the Royals can win tonight) will be played at their home field.

And in the wings, for a possible game 7 is the Giants MVP of the series, Madison Baumgarten.

So, baseball pundit, who you got?

Monday, October 27, 2014

reunion--you're darn tootin!

1. How did you meet your spouse?  2. What are your kids like?  3. What do you like best about your job?  4. What do you like best about the place where you live?  5. Do you have a good church?  6. How have you changed (other than appearance-ha) since graduation?  7. What's been the biggest tragedy in your life since our school years?  8. How is your life different now than you thought it would be at this point?  9. Would you go back to our school years if you could?  10. If you could change one thing about the years since graduation, what would it be?


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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Casey's Motivational Proverbs

Casey's Motivational Proverbs

1. It isn't how many times you fall--it is how many times you get up

I fell head over heels in love at 25, but the recent falling hasn't been as much fun.

In the past few years, I fell in an enclosed parking lot, head over heels after tripping on a curb. Then there were my multiple falls when I was battling a kidney infection which eventually took my right kidney as tribute. My latest battle with the pavement was a weeks or so back. I was jogging across the street, not at the crossing stop and yes, somehow I found another curb.

Some good Samaritan, I found out later his name was Duane, helped me to my corner and signaled for the referee (ambulance). I had broken bones in my face, bloodied myself plenty, but was still alive.

So what does this tell a 126 year old ballplayer?

Monday, September 29, 2014

English Version

I know you have
A new love
I wish you the best

If in me you found no
Perhaps someone else
Will give it to you

Like the flower (Like the flower)
With so much love (With so much love)
You gave me
It withered
Today I leave
I know how to lose
But oh, how it hurts me
Oh, how it hurts me

If you were to see how it hurts
To lose your love
With your farewell you take with you my heart

I don't know if I'll be able
To love again
Because I gave you all the love I could give

Like The Flower....

Como la Flor

Yo se que tienes un nuevo amor
Sin embargo, te deseo lo mejor
Si de mi, no encontraste felicidad
Tal vez, alguien mas te la dara
Como la flor
Con tanto amor
Me diste tu,
Se marchito
Me marcho hoy
Yo se perder
Pero, ay, ay, ay, como me duele
Ay, ay, ay, como me duele
Si vieras como duele perder tu amor
Con tu adios, te llevas mi corazon
No se si pueda volver a amar
Porque te di todo el amor que pude dar
Como la flor
Con tanto amor
Me diste tu,
Se marchito
Me marcho hoy
Yo se perder
Pero, ay, ay, ay, como me duele
Ay, ay, ay, como me duele
Como Quisiera
Me duele el corazon
al verte en los brazos de otro amor
Como quisiera, amor querido
que tu y yo estuvieramos unidos
y como quisiera, amor,
tenerte aqui conmigo para siempre
Llorar y llorar
al saber que tu y yo
jamas, jamas, jamas
podrmos estar juntos otra vez
Me duele el corazón
te me dejaste sin razón
No puedo vivir sin tu cariño
Y quiero que regreses aqu conmigo
y como quisiera, amor
tenerte aqui conmigo para siempre

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Goodbye Derek Jeter

Goodbye, it chokes me up to say your name
This is more than a final regular season game.
Goodbye do I smile and look away? No, I think I'll smile and stay
To see where this might go.

'Cause the last time I felt like this, I was watching the Mick
It was his final game in Boston too and he could hardly pick up his stick.
Yes, the last time I felt like this, was long before I knew
What I'm feeling now with you.

 Goodbye I can't wait until all of this is through
 And I guess it means it's true--it is now your time to go--
I know that before the game is through, I will be crying over you
Twenty years--where did they go?

 'Cause the last time I felt like this I was losing my hero
Falling and feeling, I'd never fall in love again.
Yes, the last time I felt like this, was long before I knew
What I'm feeling now with you.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Casey's Message to Kids

Oh somewhere in this joyous land, the sun is shining bright.
And somewhere bands are playing and somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere, men are laughing and kids learn about Tallahassee and Tucson,
And Casey repeats his message to kids: NO MATTER WHAT--PLAY ON!