Saturday, January 30, 2016

Casey Gets Ready for Spring!

Play Ball! Casey is getting those 128 year old bones ready for another year of baseball. While the Class of 1968 gets ready to have their 50th Reunion and murder is in the air, even Fly on The Wall is waking from his boring life. If only he could remember his moronic wife's retirement date, but he had drifted into dementia years of hate. Have you seen me do Casey? Catch me on Fox Television at But don't wait until the baseball season is underway. Because that would be murder!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Steve and Casey With a Birthday!

So tomorrow is my 66th birthday and I am celebrating it by diving into my Casey at the Bat schedule for 2016. If you want to be part of my team booking my one hour plus stage show for all groups from Little League teams to Seniors you can text me at 619-807-8827 and begin the conversation. If you can get me in front of a paying group there is money to be made for both of us and we have a lot of fun! How much fun? See my Casey act in preview as done for Fox TV and San Diego Padres at And since I am 66 and Casey is 127, you might imagine that it will be the be beginning of a fun relationship! Sinatra shares the stage with me at times and he and I hope that 2016 for you Will Be a Very Good Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Can you give Advice?

I started as a CPA 40 years ago giving people advice and getting paid well for my suggestions! Join me and I will teach you how to operate the most effective cash flow business ever! Text me (no phone calls) at 619-807-8827 and I will text you instructions how you can join me and begin making money as soon as next week!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Advice Business 2016

I mentor millions! Our initial contact is via email at I have attracted many writers over the years who love how I involve writers in my mentoring project. I seek writers who want to join me as social media writers or partners. Social media writers help me get out my email address to advice seekers worldwide. People write in asking how they can use their writing skills to secure jobs and every possible question you can imagine and man that you can't. As a CPA I invented the online email advice business and it remains a cash flow bonanza for me 40 years later! If you want to be a partner, I have a shortcut especially for you. Partners in most cases make a modest investment in my email blasting techniques and share the bounty and help me answer emails. You can join as a writer or writer/partner. However, only those seeking partner status can jump the line by texting me (no phone calls) at 619-807-8827 in order to get fast details as how I accept new partners. Join me on Twitter and Facebook as well. The advice business has been great for me! I hope it becomes great for you!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Mickey, Whitey and Me!

For a week I could call them buddies and how amazing is that! It was the week 30 years ago this month when I was invited to perform Casey to Yankee Fantasy campers. Mickey was drunk. Whitey was scheming and Hank Bauer was looking for a fight Only Billy the Kid was missing and he triggered this memory. Congratulations to my buddy Eric Gray who is well on his way (rhymes) to publishing that baseball anthology he started in 1950. Correction! Eric started in 1950; the book only recently. Have you sent him your story yet? He is on Facebook! So Mickey drives up in Whitey's convertible and he is shit faced out of his mind. Bauer is telling campers that the HOF isn't worth shit and if they didn't like it, he would kick their ass! Skowron was grinning and kissing Mickey's ass until his lips turned blue. Out on the field, Tresh, Blanchard and the Yankee boys said they had one message for anyone who wanted to learn the Yankee away which produced championships throughout the 30's to the 60's. "don't fuck with our money!" You see that World Series paycheck often doubled their earnings and if you played as if you didn't care about that, you were soon reminded with a kick in the pants! And when it came to Casey the campers and the Yankees loved every word. But my greatest joy was watching Mickey laugh. That is a priceless memory I will never forget. Mickey, Whitey and me. One week only! It doesn't get better than that!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

35 Years and Counting!

I invented the make money at home movement in America. Unlike most pretenders, as a CPA, I carry a legitimate claim and audience. Each month or whenever I am in the mood, I select a handful of partners to assist me on handling the letters that flood me. What is their question? How can I make money at home like you do? So over the past 35 years I sit in my pajamas or whatever clothing I prefer and correspond and the cash flow flows! So how do you get involved and what are the rewards? You send me a $950 Paypal payment to You don't need a Paypal account to make this payment! Within 7 days, you will be responding to letters with me as my partner and you will need your own paypal account to receive money from our partnership! All fees I collect are split 3 ways. You and I get 1/3 and the final slice goes back into my social media connections which bring me the leads and the letters we profit from. It's the simplest business on earth and you didn't need a CPA to tell you that. Keep in mind that I select only a handful of people each month to work with me. Money talks. Unless you make the payment required, you will never get into the house to play business with me. And what an amazing ride and lifestyle this simple business has provided me! But I just did! If you have any questions, write me at or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


My Casey is the best you will ever see!