Friday, June 26, 2015

Conversations with Tony Gwynn

I had first met him during the Padres championship run in 1998. I liked him from that very first handshake (he had small hands like I do). Over the years, our conversations were about one thing only---the art of hitting a baseball. I believed that Tony, with a twist from my career work in Visionary Thinking had an idea that could change the fortunes of any baseball team--especially a MLB franchise like the Padres. Tony's battle for his life with cancer brought on by chewing tobacco ended our conversations before they reached someone inside another organization. Now, I feel it is incumbent on me and my friendship with Tony, to seek a mover or shaker with a connection to the game. Someone who isn't afraid to rock the boat. Could that someone be you. Let's rock it together.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Joining my Viisonary Writing Team

Become familiar with Visionary Thinking as it appears in my 10 year blog. Read GIT TO MY DAD (2010--Amazon) AND VISIONARY THINKING (2016) now taking orders for Xmas 2015 delivery. Begin sharing clients with me by sending $100 to my PAYPAL account at for co-op advertising which I control. This will be the only time you are required to pay for advertising as I share with my coaches through our fees. Last step is to text me at 619-807-8827 that you have completed the Paypal step. This text adds you to my coaching roster. Within 24 hours of your payment, you will begin teaming up with me as we teach another student the power of VISIONARY THINKING/WRITING and/or add another visionary writing coach to our team.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Teaching Visionary Thinking and Writing

Business is good. There has never been a greater time to learn Visionary Thinking or to join my writing coaches team. My writers work with me to provide one-one online training on the power of Visionary Thinking and how Visionary Writing can trigger your power of attraction and help you achieve any goal. At 15 years old, Eddy seemed like just another prep student at a posh tiny school in Coral Gables, Florida near the University of Miami campus. What has made him on of the greatest minds in the computer world and set himself up to be a billionaire and on the Board of Directors of Ferrari Motors? Did the course in Visionary Thinking he took as a very young man have anything to do with it? Maybe a classmate of his provided the best insight. Janice is a realtor in one of the wealthiest beach cities in America. People from across the nation, especially in the frozen north and Midwest seek her real estate acumen to change their life under the sun at their sparkling new address. "I studied Visionary Thinking with Steve when I was 17 years old. Just the vocabulary alone is a priceless gift. This man thinks like no other. I have never met a teacher before or since with such power and insight. Personally, I think in the future and it helps me connect with my clients. I teach other realtors and their staff to think in the future. That is what makes us unique and ultimately what makes us great." In time, I took the Visionary Thinking course to athletes and coaches. A high school where a coach hadn't won a title in 30 years won after I worked with them for 6 games. They went on to win the 1996 Arizona State High School Basketball Championship on the floor of the Phoenix Suns. A coach who was in need of a winning season o save his job instead had a breakthrough season and won the first of back to back League Coaches of the Year awards to save his career. A varsity football player who was a star middle linebacker was having major anxiety about adding the task of running back as his team needed him to play on both sides of the ball. He used the power of Visionary Thinking to become one of the most decorated runners in school history. When Tony Gwynn began videotaping his At Bats during his Hall of Fame career (1982-2001) few had an idea what he was doing. This was an early form of Visionary Thinking which would lead Gwynn to a record 8 batting championships. Sadly, the same Visionary Thinking failed Tony when he ignored the warnings of doctors who predicted life threatening consequences if he continued chewing tobacco while playing. At his death, Tony and I were having conversations how the same visionary thinking could save the lives of teenage athletes he so passionately cared for. Today, the Visionary Thinking Conference owes its growing status to luminaries like Tony Gwynn who wee never afraid to think in the future and faced it with relentless pursuit. VISIONARY THINKING (2016) is the third book in Steve's Power of Mind Trilogy. FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF (1982) GIFT TO MY DAD (2010). To order a signed copy of VISIONARY THINKING (Xmas 2015) send $50 PAYPAL to and a separate email to that address with your Post Office mailing address.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Rick

Rick is the comedy agent for a comedian who hosts the hottest quiz show on TV and another comic who once had the hottest sit com on TV based on looking in at the tools department of Home Depot. And one more thing about Rick. He was my next door neighbor for a dozen years and is now a millionaire out in La La land. Of course I am in La La land too, but that is hardly the point. Let's see. One of my former students is a heartbeat from running Apple Computer and might be worth a cool billion. Seems like there is plenty of money to go around. Only in America. Dear Rick: I have learned from friends and from pictures you blasted all over the damn Internet, that you have built the largest wiffle ball stadium in the country. I suppose that this is your answer to the fact that I froze you out of my wiffle ball games next door. You should know I did this for your own good. First, as I recall, you were several years younger than me and that would have led to a competitive disadvantage. Secondly, your father and then my father would have killed me because I took plenty of cash from your brother. My games were money games---Like in hustling--get it? It would have been dangerous if I took from both him and you. The last thing I recall is you giving me the finger and yelling : "I will build the biggest wiffle ball stadium in the world!" Rick, you pulled it off--I just didn't know it was going to be in Encino. Congratulations! Let me ask you something. Will you let me play--winner takes all? Steve

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dear Nick

Dear Nick Canepa is a good guy--certainly not as testy as Bill center who claims to be a sportswriter but bans fans on Twitter if they challenge him on anything. Was he that jealous of my Casey at the Bat on padres TV for Fox Sports a year ago? maybe. Should Bud Black have been fired? Absolutely, yes! I believe in baseball karma or team chemistry. It's what Bruce Bochy brings to the teams he manages and Bud Black does not. How many seasons , how many different rosters, how many payroll variances do you need, Nick, before this sinks into your head? Quite simply, Bud Black has proven one thing. For a manager, he is a good pitching coach (he even won a title in that capacity which is what conned the Padres into believing). He can't get his team into a position to win a championship. Nine years? Come on! Now, AJ is on the clock. He gets another honeymoon with Murphy, but after this season, he makes his final choice for padres manager for next season and beyond--maybe Murphy and maybe not. Soon, Padres nation will know one thing. Does Preller have the winning touch or is he all about mumbles and mistakes? Did he make one keeping Black when he took the job? Was it even his choice? I haven't found out much from Preller and he even went to high school with me (Walt Whitman in New York) though it was a century or so earlier. Is the Padres season over? No! But I don't like how they are playing . With half the season plus remaining, the team could always catch fire. One can only hope. That is what being a f an is all about.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


If you read my book GIFT TO MY DAD (2005----Amazon) you would know that I have been the leading voice for visualization and visionary thinking, making powerful movies in your mind. This leads me to DEAR YOU 2016 I have mentored champions in the NFL MLB NBA NCAA and Olympics. We start out writing letters which you often see in my many levels of writing and social media. These letter position my students for a life changing breakthrough. They are directed to the person staring back at them in the mirror, parents, siblings, friends, enemies and anyone who my client needs at least one more face to face with. For the next few weeks, I am authorizing former and new students an opportunity to work personally with me in the DEAR YOU 2016 PROJECT. Those I select will have a unique opportunity to study with me over the next 18 months, share their breakthroughs for publication and be compensated for their participation. Contact me at 619-807-8827 This is a business opportunity for visionaries who GET IT when it comes to making money through visualization. All others need not apply. A partial WHO'S WHO list from DEAR YOU alumni include the following: Mickey Mantle Whitey Ford Pistol Pete Maravich Eddy Cue (Apple Computer) Casey Jacobsen

Dear Curt:

APR 11 2015 PHOTOGRAPHS BY GETTY IMAGES CURT SCHILLING GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Dear 16-year-old Curt, Tomorrow at lunch, a kid is going to dare you to take a dip of Copenhagen. If you say yes, like I did, you’ll be addicted for the rest of your life. Well, the rest of your life up to the point when you are diagnosed with cancer. I get what you’re thinking. You’re 16 — you’re invincible, just like all your buddies. If you were to jump ahead 33 years, you couldn’t write a better dream than the one your life is going to be. With one exception. If you say yes tomorrow, you will become addicted to chewing tobacco and you will get mouth cancer. 81340900 I’m going to tell you a little story that I think may help guide you. (I saw this on a TV series called The West Wing — great show, you’re going to love it one day — and it very much rings true). There was a man — we’ll call him Joe. Joe lived in the same house his entire life. One day, a huge storm came. He turned on the radio: Prepare for torrential rains and deadly flash flooding. Everyone should evacuate to safety immediately. See, Joe was a devout Christian. He had the Lord in his life for as long as he could remember. Church every Sunday, prayed twice a day. “My faith in God is resolute. He will save me,” Joe thought. The rain kept coming down. About two hours later, water began to flood his house, so he scrambled on to the roof. After a half-hour, with the water rising rapidly, a boat sputtered up to Joe’s house, which was now partially submerged. Boat driver: “Come on down, I will take you to safety!” Joe sat calmly on his roof. Joe: “No thanks! My faith in God is strong, God will save me!” So the boat sped off. Another hour went by, and the water had risen to the roof. A helicopter flew over, saw Joe and swooped down, dropping down a rope. Helicopter pilot: “Grab a hold! I will pull you up!” Joe: “No thank you! My faith in the Lord is strong. He will save me!!” The man looked awkwardly at what he could only guess was someone who’d lost his mind. The helicopter flew off. About 10 minutes later the water overtook Joe’s roof, so he swam out into the strong current. It quickly pulled him below. When Joe opened his eyes, he saw the Lord standing at the gates of Heaven. “Joe, what on earth are you doing here??” “I was just about to ask you that very question, Father,” Joe replied. “Wait… what?” says God. “Father I have had Faith in you since my first memory. I have prayed morning and night to you. I have sinned, but you know that in my heart I have asked for forgiveness and tried my hardest to do right by you.” “Yes, Joe I know in your heart you are a good, honest and loving man.” “Then why did you let me die?” Joe asked. “I sent you a radio message, a boat and a helicopter! What more did you want?” I tell you, 16-year-old me, that story for a very important reason. From tomorrow forward, you will be given the same signs that Joe was given a hundred times over. Many will be far more insightful and far more telling than the ones he received. 528829 You will develop sores, you will lose your sense of taste and smell. You will develop lesions. You will lose your gums — they will rot. You will have problems with your teeth for the rest of your life. You will meet men — many good, honest men — who chewed. None of them will have their entire face. They will be missing jaws, chins, cheeks, noses and more. None will live more than a year or two after you meet them. All of them were tobacco chewers. You will meet Joe Garigiola. He will introduce you to Bill Tuttle. Bill will have no lower face. His entire lower jaw is gone. It was that, or die of mouth cancer. Well, not “that or,” because that mouth cancer would kill him inside of two years. You will brush your teeth and your mouth will bleed. Not light blood from your gums, but darker blood from deeper inside your mouth. That’s the chew destroying your tissue. You will get message after message, but your addiction will always win, until it wins the biggest battle. You will get message after message, but your addiction will always win, until it wins the biggest battle If you say yes tomorrow, you will begin to kill yourself from the inside out. It’s difficult for you to understand in this current phase of your life, but by chewing tobacco, you are jeopardizing your participation in what will be some of your most important moments. You will risk any chance of seeing your four amazing children graduate high school. You will potentially lose the opportunity to walk your daughter Gabriella (who, like her dad, will be blessed with simple yet outstanding pitching mechanics) down the aisle. You will risk not seeing Gehrig, your oldest son, pitch for four years at a New England college. You may miss your son Grant graduating high school and changing the world. And you may be absent as your youngest son Garrison — who aspires to follow in your father’s footsteps and join the army — masterfully plays goalie with a remarkable passion. You could miss the most important and rewarding days of your life with your beautiful wife Shonda. If cancer kills you, what are you leaving them with? What are you leaving them for? 3378572 Your dad is going to die in five years. You know what’s going to kill him? A heart attack brought on by heart disease and lung cancer caused by tobacco use. He’ll die right in front of you. You two will be alone and together for his final minutes on earth. The night before he passes away, you two are going to sit up and talk until 4 a.m. You will chalk up the conversation as peculiar, but years later it will hit you like a ton of bricks. It will hit you like a radio message, boat or helicopter. He knew. It’s why the things he told you that night were things only a dad can tell a son. He knew. Right now, you don’t listen to the messages God gives you. And if you don’t alter this habit, in 32 years you will be diagnosed with cancer. Finally, consider this: How many kids will start dipping over the next 32 years because they saw you do it? Do you want that on you? No? Then my advice is simple. Tomorrow, at lunch, just say no. Make the right choice, - Curt Schilling currently serves as an on-air analyst for Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. Shonda Schilling is running the 119th Boston Marathon on April 20 as part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team to support Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where Curt received treatment for cancer last year. Click here to contribute to Shonda’s run.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Day Only

I seem to do this once at most twice a year to clear Facebook of those who are no longer supportive. To test the loyalty and support of my many Casey at the Bat (see fan page on Facebook and please LIKE) who love my work with kids and causes--I offer a 24 hour GIFT in exchange for a little love from my fans. What I ask from you. Hit the DONATE button on my blog cover page and it will prompt you to a ten dollar pledge. Should you wish to show support at a higher level, go to PAYPAL and then my account at and pledge what you wish. What will you get in return? If you complete this by Midnight Eastern tonight, Saturday, June 13, 2015, you get your choice of the following. 1. My analysis of your writing as a first step to writing a memoir together (see my memoir available from Amazon-Gift To My Dad (2010-- this is a $500 value 2. My analysis of your writing to starting your own paying blog (mine has been paying me since 2005). Yours, if you work with me, will pay you for life!--this is a $500 plus value. 3. One-one email mentoring and/or coaching to help you launch a business, etc. online in the next 30 days---(unlimited value)and based on my I GET PAID TO BE THE IDEAMAN Seminars. Finally seal the deal-- Once you make a DONATION, text (do not call) me at 619-807-8827. I will assume your text means that you have completed the steps indicated here today. Follow up with an email as an official request for my files--send to my private account at This offer is only available to the FIRST 100 Donors who jump on this today and I will contact all winners of gift packages no later than the coming week of June 16.