Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Do you have Writing Talent?

From all over the world my new book What is the Purpose of Your Life is leading people to write me for advice and comments. Do you have the writing talent to partner with me in response? Share with me the purpose of your life.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The LPQ (Life Purpose Quotient)

Return your complete answers to no later than June 30, 2015 to be considered for the 2017 edition of Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself: Discover Your Life Purpose! 1. What are the unique talents that make you special? Write 25 words on each talent. 2. Describe the perfect day for you from wake up to sleep. 3. If you had a birthday party next month, who would you invite and why? 4. If you could start any business tomorrow and money was no object, what would it be and why did you choose it? 5. You area attending your own funeral a la Huckleberry Finn and you listen to some of the speech made about you. What are they saying? 6. If you could choose a historical character to play on Broadway who would you portray and why was he/she selected. 7. Write a short review of the story of your life so far. 8. Who are the key relationships in your life past and present. Expand on them. 9. Are you happy? Why or why not? 10. Have you given back in your life? What do you do to make other lives better?

Monday, May 23, 2016

What is the Purpose of Your Life?

I have a new Facebook Friend. It is someone who I will call Nancy because that is her name. Nancy is a legendary speaker agent from the Midwest who has semi-retired with hubby Bill to sunny and very hot Arizona. I kid (who's kidding) her that at 66 she will help me become a national phenomenon because she has promotional gifts that can help me find a larger audience. So what do I really want? Certainly not unlimited travel--although I would like to pick and choose. I have given up plenty to live 35 years in paradise and am not seeking to be an airline commuter at 66. However if I want to become a Baby Boomer phenomenon--the Boomer who is leading fellow Boomers to search for their 2nd, 3rd and whatever acts in life--I must not be reluctant to be drawn to the flame of fame. From the time I was 10--I was ready for this moment. Growing up with the warden I was so bottled up with my emotions that I could cry on cue better than a TV Soap Opera queen. One day my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Wexler saw me perform a skit in front of our class and ordered me to go next door to Miss Torpey's 5th grade class and perform the same ditty. Happily I skipped all the way into her classroom and interrupted her routine to introduce my skit. She threw me out on my ear. Tears! A watershed of tears and that happened each time I faced confrontation. As my house arrest ended and I headed off to college I could feel a change in my body. Independence was calling me. No longer would I settle for being a passenger in life. I would be the driver! Ten years later when I walked into the office of one of the most powerful CPA's in America and told him he could take his job and shove it, I was crying no more! The fact that I can add a 128 year old legendary American baseball character like Casey at the bat to my story only makes my message sweeter. For what is man--what has he got? If not himself, then he is not. I see millions of Baby Boomers sharing this message with me. They started with me (1946-1964) and we will take the final journey together. Casey started with me as well. From the time I was 10 back in Mrs. Wexler's class at Birchwood School I discovered I could make classmates laugh! I brought my laughter to my high school Walt Whitman in Melville and by then casey had started following me everywhere I went. Today, 50 years and counting, Casey and I are still linked. Want to see us perform on Fox Television? In 1982 when I wrote Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself I was a 32 year old CPA looking for my own way out of what I saw as a dreary lifestyle. Yes, by then I had the girl, I was on my way to finding the matchless climate, but I was still waking up in the morning and depressed that the hours ahead were not the hours I would spend if I was calling the shots. I figured writing Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself 1982 would be my ticket to freedom. In many ways I was right. The book brought me to San Diego and miles ahead on my journey to discover what really was the purpose of my life. Regrets? I've had a few but then again too few to mention. A famous La Jolla literary agent who also represented a New York Times best selling author signed me and then dumped me. A not so famous San Francisco husband and wife literary agency signed me and annoyed me so much in our back and forth--that I dumped them! But through it all when there was doubt--I ate it up and spit it out! So this is a journey! My journey! Along the way I hope I motivate you to climb aboard the Baby Boomers Express train heading to---well that's exactly the question. We don't know where we are going--but we'll tell you when we get there. Let's make it happen, Nancy! Steve Tarde 12/29/49 This would be such a great place to love if it wasn't for the people! Take my LQ What is the Purpose of your Life Quiz by emailing me at

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where's The Beef?

ARE YOU NUTS? I recall the matriarch--my 2nd mom for you who have not been reading this space for 10 years--shame on you by the way--- who will turn 95 in July--saying those words to the Godfather of all people. You might recall the Godfather is none other than the man we call Uncle Al. Al had almost got me whacked when we were working as valet parking buddies at the Crab Bucket in Fort Lauderdale in the late 1970's. I had insulted a pizza delivery boy who happened to be the son of a made man in the Florida mob. Not a good idea. Especially for those who like breathing. So now Al-never light on get rich quick schemes had a doozie-- My ex says it was 1984 and she has a better memory than I. She also kicked me out of the house 9 years ago--but I have forgiven her. Almost! Actually, like she points out --she was the one to do the walking that day--She walked out on me! But why hold grudges? She married an old man and I am cavorting these days wwith Playboy Bunnies in their 20's. In fact one of them just asked me what I was writing and did I want a lap dance. No, I told her. I was asking you if you had seen my laptop. Oh! The things I do for love! So Al and my 2nd dad--let's call him Norman because that is his name. Dad was always up for an Al adventure. Possibly he thought Al would have him whacked if he declined. But Norman didn't like to rock the boat. Literally. One day Norman and his buddies went fishing as the story goes. One problem. Norman didn't fish. Joan Rivers knew Jews were poor fishermen. Jew don't do sports. They own sports franchises. Well, Norman didn't do either. Once he put up a sign in block letters NFL on his apartment door. His buddies asked him if he was the new NFL commish. He had no idea what they were talking about. All he knew was identifying the residence of Norman and Florence Liebman. True story! Back to the boat. It wasn't long before Norman was turning green and not Jets green. Not that he would know what that meant either. Norman asked his buddies, pleaded with his buddies to pull over and let him off. They looked at him like he had horns. Norm, you never go back when you are a fisherman. Norm followed the rules and jumped. It is only legend that Norman is still swimming as I write this. Actually the real Norman died at the wheel of his Cadillac outside Harrah's Casino in Laughlin in June 1990. His signature yellow candy sucker was still dissolving in his mouth. Again it is only a canard that this announcement was made in the casino lounge. Your attention, please, ladies and gentlemen. There is a brand new Cadillac in our parking lot. It is locked and the motor is still running and the keys are in the ignition. And your very dead husband is still gripping the steering wheel. Will you please remove him. security is on the way. So what mad3e me return to the days of Godfather Al and Iowa Meat? You see I write about entrepreneurs and of course when I heard Iowa Meat staging a San Diego event--my mind flashed back to the Godfather. So why did he think customers in tropical south Florida would be willing to grab a fur coat and brave a freezer just to pick out dinner? Al disappeared before I could ask him that question. You see my sister-in-law walked out on him as well. Seems to run in the family. She left the Godfather, sent him back to New York with a one way ticket and married the King of Aruba. But that's still another story. Al disappeared 20 years ago and no one has heard from him since. Does he sleep with the fishes? You would have to ask them. I am still curious whether customers still visit the freezer. Recall mom's doubt that such a business could survive. Mom was right. Al was bankrupt--again--in less than a year and the San Diego--version of Iowa Meat--somehow it keeps on going. Next week I will tell you why. *********************** Steve Tarde will make you laugh until your appendix scar opens! His Casey at the Bat on Fox TV can be found at

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Work With The Craziest Man in San Diego!

66 years old--entrepreneur--actor--writer--CPA---teacher--pirate--pawn---and a king! Are you following along yet? This is an opportunity to work in show business--see my Casey at the Bat gig as it appeared on Fox Television- My online advice business attracts 100 letters a day from people worldwide who ask for my opinion on everything from getting a job to visualization techniques--to losing weight--to becoming an entrepreneurs even falling in love! Yes girls I am single but I am only one man! I will even teach you how you can join me in this lucrative online business. Follow my writing by perusing Gift To My Dad (Amazon) or on my blog at One day you will be booking me for a gig at New York Yankees adult fantasy camp and the next day helping me answer letters from someone who has been looking for a job for over a year and needs my personal twist! You will need solid social media talent--you can find me on Facebook and Twitter @stevetarde Send me an email in 100 words or less why you think this gig has your name all over it and why you think it would be fun to work with a crazy man. Bookmark my 10 year blog

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lim Chiropractic

I am 66 years old and if there is a stage, I am usually the one performing. See my Casey at the Bat on Fox TV at But last night I went to see Dr. Hoon Lim deliver a health benefits workshop and man this boy is good! If I wasn't so healthy. I might even have to take up chiropractic. So what dragged me out to see a lecture I had managed to miss for 66 plus years? Alzheimer's. I want to find a cure for this killer disease in my lifetime. To my dismay, Alzheimer's was perhaps the one disease that Dr. Lim failed to address in his scintillating 90 minutes. I will follow up with him on email and gather his thoughts so come back to this post. I think I know his answer. There is a belief growing in this country and first put forward by the chiropractic community as theorized by Dr. Michael Flanagan that spinal stenosis can be directly linked to Alzheimer's. Sure, I am interested in such a study but this I know for fact and I am going to aggressively market every chiropractor in this country who supports me here. Walking is great for the brain. The healthier our brain--the healthier our bodies. The healthier our body the greater our chances we won't become victims of this killer disease which threatens 75 million Baby Boomers of which I am a charter member. Dr. Lim is a visionary. His practice is in Escondido and Kearny Mesa. patients from long distance have sought out his expertise. His office motto? Live happy and die healthy! If you want to connect with a health professional who will be a positive force for the rest of your life and be your active partner in helping you to live longer--I strongly suggest you contact Dr. Lim! Today! If you want to join me in declaring war on Alzheimer's [please contact me here. And tomorrow when you wake up---start walking! Steve writes about entrepreneurs making a difference in America. Write him at if you would like him to write about you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Response to Sparring Proposals (San Diego Downtown News) May 2016

I don't want to and I won't read any more editorials after this one about the Chargers proposed stadium downtown and why it is good or bad for San Diego. I first came to San Diego to live in July 1982 with my little family of three. How many people did I know in San Diego? That would be zero! Look up the word entrepreneur in the dictionary. The moron who loves working for himself and only himself, not taking orders ever from anyone and flies through the air of life without a safety net and you very well might find a picture of moi. So much for the self serving bio. My first week here was Tony Gwynn's first ever game as a San Diego padre. That was 34 years ago this July. What was downtown like? What downtown? There was nothing! Nothing nut stores in the process of closing, drunks and prostitutes. It was like there was a sign on the still functioning iconic San Diego Hardware building still standing on Fifth Avenue: STAY AWAY! And most of us did just that. You came to San Diego in 1982 and you stayed somewhere on Hotel Circle. That was downtown San Diego 34 years ago. The US Grant Hotel, built in honor of our 18th president by his entrepreneurial son in 1910 was on life support and months away from the wrecking ball. Today it is like a treasure chest taking you back to 1910 like stepping on the Titanic would take you back to April 1912 seconds before disaster. So what changed? Three things happened to change life as we know it in paradise. For those of you who don't comprehend my use of the word "paradise" it is one of the words I use to describe San Diego. Another is Goldilocks and now you know the origin of my passion for my adopted hometown. The three history changing stories? Horton Plaza 1985 Gaslamp Restoration 1990's Petco Park 2004 The naysayers can get on their soapbox and rant. The fact is that the Chargers stadium downtown with or without a Convention Center connection will brighten the diamond of this city even more. Anyone who fights this stadium just doesn't get it. I have watched this city grow from my perch across from Cowles Mountain. I saw a city expand block by block, restaurant by restaurant, club by club. And I heard the noise---Build a Stadium? What we need is a LIBRARY! And they were right! For I am a bibliophile and my visits to the E Street facility (built in 1954) were visits to a very strange place. Not a place for the faint of heart or small children for that matter. And our run of mayors during those years was like trading mug shots. If they weren't indicted, the hint of impropriety or flat out incompetence or both tainted one administration after another. Building Petco (voters had approved project in 1998) was like surviving the 100 Years War but one day we wake up to another glorious day in Heaven (still another great word) and guess what? We had a new gleaming baseball stadium and we had a 200 million dollar glass tower library as well. And lofts and businesses were and are still to this day being constructed at a dizzying pace. Petco completed the treasure chest that today is known as Gaslamp. And when you mention to these visitors that 30 plus years ago this was a wasteland they look at you like you need a designated driver---now! And adding a dazzling billion dollar football stadium to the mix and attracting events like the Super Bowl who will be fighting their footballs off to show off their annual event every February---well let me slip into a little New York lingo for you--- Forget about it! Steve Tarde plays the legendary Casey at the Bat See his act on Fox TV at BOOKMARK his blog which dates back 10 years!