Thursday, June 30, 2016

Camp CEO Chapter 5

Lincoln skipped the golf outing even though there was a PGA champion he wanted to meet.

At lunch, Nick had started a buzz that another sports legend would be joining the CEO's and guests.

True to his word, the former manager of a world champion baseball team jumped up to the stage to a thunderous round of applause.

His message:

Set a vision and have everyone buy in!

As the manager entertained the crowd on how he and his coaches created a championship culture for his team from day one of spring training leading to the eventual winning game of the world championship, Lincoln snuck up to Nick and caught his attention.

Hey Nick! Great camp and all that. But I have a question for you. How much is my board paying you to kick me out of my family company?

Nick motioned that they take the conversation outside to not offend others. When they were both clear of the dining area, Nick spoke directly and evenly.

I have heard, Lincoln that you have not been happy since you first arrived here. If that is the case, maybe you should consider leaving.

Lincoln bristled.

You didn't answer my question.

Nick took a deep breath. He didn't like confrontations. but he didn't avoid them either.

No and I don't intend to. Question makes no sense. We are here to teach CEO's and inspire our next set of national leaders how to best manage people.

Lincoln's face was turning so red that Nick though he might have a heart attack on the spot.

Finally, he threw up his hands and practically screamed!

Rubbish! Pure rubbish!

The conversation was over!

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Magical Mahbub

Casey wanted me to wish my son a happy birthday.

You must be a proud dad that he is a SEO.

You mean CEO I corrected.

What's an SEO? Asked Casey.

I could only tell him by sharing the stories I have heard about an online legend in the SEO universe.

Most people are still learning about him.

I only know him as Mahbub.

Mahbub is magical!

He can get you contacts.

He can get you sales.

He will bring eyeballs to your site.

He can get you buys.

How does he do it?

By making sure your name or product jumps to the top of search engines.

SEO=Search Engine Optimization.

Everyone who has something to sell needs it. Everyone who has something to sell wants it. And if they meet the magical Mahbub they will get it!

How does he connect your name to the power of attraction?

How does he make you #1 on every Amazon search list?

How does he turn you into an Amazon magnet on the net?

He is an Amazon legend!
If you are looking for product ranking! If you are looking for seller ranking--review posting? Mahbub covers all those bases.

Votes on reviews? He is the Amazon phenomenon!
But if you don't tweet him @mahbubsworld don't say I didn't send some of the magic of Mahbub your way.

Like I said, it is a legend. All I know is that what this man does is pure magic.

Do you believe in magic?

The magical Mahbub!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

60th Reunion

I took the train to my 60th Reunion.

Crazy people I would never have met driving my car.

That is if I still had a license to drive--which I don't.

    Never served in the military
    5 Star General

When I registered at the entrance, I was asked what was the year of my class.

I was a student in the 1955-56 year.

I see. That would be Miss Birch.

Yes. That is correct. Please tell her that I am here and would like to see her.

Oh, sir. I am afraid she's long gone.

Hmmm. Couldn't stick around for the fireworks?

A look of concern.

Sir, may we see some identification?

You mean something which dates back to when I attended kindergarten here?

No, we mean something like your driver's license.

Oh. I gave that up because of cataracts.I took the train over here today.

             never served in the military
             5 star general

If I can't see Miss Birch, can I speak to Mr. Wagner? I believe he was our principal.

People around me were becoming very uneasy.

What would you want to speak to Mr. Wagner about?



Yes, I would like him to explain how a school system had no idea that a Latin revolution was about to take place and that the whole world was going to be speaking Spanish--the whole world--except us!
I am thinking of filing a lawsuit.

Sir, will you wait here for a moment?

I figured they were going to get Mr. Wagner.

Instead, it was the FBI.

        Never served in the military
              5 Star General

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Inning One

"C'mon baby! A walk is as good as a hit!"

If you have been around baseball, you have heard that shouted by players and fans.

What does it mean?

Simply put, a walk puts you on first base as does a hit.

Therefore the conclusion is " a walk is as good as a hit."

Walking a mile a day, every day for the rest of your life will change your life forever.

Walking in baseball is an art.

Barry Bonds accepted it.

Few pitchers dared to throw the ball over the plate when he approached.

Ricky Henderson worked it. Ricky could do almost anything he wished in his HOF career. Setting the all time record for walks was only one of his many personal records.

What will walking do for you?

For one thing, it will take you to the healthiest point in your life. Yes, you heard me right. If you start walking today, that first mile might prove difficult. You might even quit. You might quit tomorrow as well.

But if you persist--it will be life changing.

In weeks, you will discover energy you have never felt within your body.

In months, you might reach your perfect weight.

In 2014, I had to lose a kidney due to a kidney stone infection which had attached itself to my right kidney.

Luckily, if otherwise healthy, the human body can function very easily with one kidney.

I decided it was time to make a change in my life.

Always a casual athlete--hardball--followed by softball---followed by racquetball, then cycling and recreational walking, I became a walking addict!

In one year, I gave up kidney stone causing Coca Cola which I had been addicted to for decades and replaced it with blends of fruit juice.

And I started walking!

I started with a mile. Then two. Then three. Sometimes 4 and 5 and even as many as 10.

Now, I don't have to count the miles any longer. I will soon be 68 years old (my 50th anniversary with Casey).

Yes, it has been 50 years since Casey sought me out on my high school diamond.

I am in better shape than that callow 18 year old was on that day.

And it's all in a lifetime.

Come take a walk with me.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Opening: My 50 Years with Casey at the Bat

I guess I will always be lucky that day he chose me.

Legend is that he was looking at almost age 80 to pass his soul on to someone who could carry on his legacy.

So on that day in may, he3 traveled from Mudville to Melville and changed my life forever.

Because on that day, I did something on the ball field that local people would never forget seeing.

80 years earlier, Casey had done something on the playing field as well--and baseball lovers and so many others never tire of hearing the story.

So you can say that this is our story--Casey and me--over the past half century.

And what a ride it has been.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Teach with CPA

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Save Lives!

Save Lives! Start with Yours!

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Happy Father's Day!