Thursday, July 14, 2016

Camp CEO Chapter 13

All of Peggy's teammates gathered together in a group before the photographers could reach them.

They laughed. They hugged. Wannabees! They yelled as if they were 6th grade campers. And that is just what Nick had in mind when he created Camp CEO.

At least for one weekend in their life--they would return to their childhood before they returned to create and conquer their vision.

Peggy was lost somewhere in the group hug and the billowing American flag. Her teammates held up her hand in victory but she was quick to raise the hands of others as well.

Peggy could barely speak but she managed one last yell above the crowd.

What did we have more than all the others out here today?

Everyone smiled at once.


Passion had carried them to the victory stand.


As the sun began to set, a slight chill descended on the little Olympic stadium.

The victory stand for the final event had been set up just as it was for the Summer games and when the national anthem roared through the house, Peggy and her fellow athletes, stood proudly taking in a moment that would forever stand out in their lives.

Later, Nick would take the microphone and where Home Plate was situated, if they had been attending a ball game, he looked over the tiny stadium where every seat was filled, anticipating the final ceremony.

Even though Nick had spoken to crowds of CEO's and their guests and families many times before, he always found something new in every appearance.

This would be no different.

We have had quite a weekend.

Suddenly the CEOs and soon to be CEOs started clapping behind him on the bleachers which had been provided for all campers.

Nick was inclined to say something about the bad news that had threatened to dampen the weekend, but from the response of the campers, he changed his mind.

Instead for some reason, he smiled.

And then once again he addressed the group.

These people behind me---these leaders have both learned and taught me this weekend.

Nick paused to emphasize what he was going to say next.

These leaders you see behind me are going to go back to their non-campers lives tonight and I can tell you one thing they believe in.

Satisfactory is not an acceptable goal.

The wild cheers which followed almost knocked Nick out of the Batter's Box,

Nick joked with the crowd.

I almost felt like Casey at the Bat but then I realized I didn't have a bat in my hand.

Casey, take a bow. Wasn't he great?

This time the entire crowd stood up laughing and pointing as they acknowledged the baseball actor who had made them laugh until they cried, earlier that evening during a break in the Olympic events.

And I want to thank our baseball guru for his winning culture suggestions and then sticking around for the weekend--

Nick placed his hand on his heart. Thank you Skip--everyone loved you.

More cheers.

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