Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Camp CEO Chapter 11

Sunday afternoon brought the Olympics to Camp CEO.

Nick had rented the Beavers minor league stadium and when the CEO's walked into the stadium, they were cheered wildly.

Five thousand friends and family had been secretly invited to cheer the CEO athletes and Nick had duplicated every detail of the Olympic experience.

Despite inviting disgruntled CEO's to voluntarily leave Camp CEO if they had doubts that they belonged, only two CEO's were missing when the opening ceremonies for the Olympics began.

It surprised no one that only Lincoln and Ross were missing as the CEOs paraded into the cavernous outside venue.

At the top of the Beaver Stadium, Nick was entertaining friends in his field suite, when a smiling man placed a telegram into his hands.

Please read this at your leisure, Mr. Nick.

Do I know you? Nick called after the obsequious man.

But the smiling man had disappeared into the throng.

Nick placed the telegram into his pocket. If it was good news, it could wait until the events were over.

If it was bad news, well----

Everyone's eyes were riveted to the massive scoreboard in the outfield which dwarfed the field of competition.

The CEO athletes were engaged in the walking relay, one of Nick's favorite events. As the teams competed, the numbers on the display flickered incessantly as the walkers and their teams vied for the lead.

The CEO who makes their vision happen is a data junkie.

Peggy had confided to Nick that she was having the time of her life but that was before the CEO Olympics.

When she walked into the ballpark, wearing her USA colors, she was never prouder.

The roar of the crowd have her goose bumps. She thought to herself if I was suddenly a billionaire, this moment and what I am feeling now will never be matched.

A voice she recognized brought Peggy back to reality. It was her husband and son and daughter. They held a red, white and blue banner for the entire stadium crowd to see.


Then came the tears As soon as they came, Peggy knew they wouldn't stop.

All of the emotion leading up t this day swirled around her.

All those years in school making up for lost time while she earned her degree. A marriage that had its twists and turns, but through it all, because she had chosen a good man, it had all been worth it. Proving to Lincoln Rubber that hiring her to be a leader would be a great decision.

Her favorite slogan was on the wall in her office for all visitors to read.

I am still building the resume. But I bring the passion every day!

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