Friday, July 08, 2016

Welcome to San Diego

Welcome to San Diego, all star game visitors.

Just a few facts to share with you about America's Finest City.

I will leave it up to you to define why we call ourselves America's finest city.

Do we have delusions of grandeur? Are we all intoxicated by the weather?

I know I am.

Just like Goldilocks, I came here and tried out the bed, sampled the food and began my love for the weather.

35 years later, I am still hooked and would never live anywhere else.

When people back home ask you about the weather, I would go with just one word.

Matchless. Nothing else fits better.

As far as getting around our city, we will have plenty of security around. We certainly don't want another Boston or Orlando or for that matter, Dallas.

Sorry for all the other cities I left out.

A block from Petco Park, you might visit our 200 million dollar library. We are pretty proud of that beacon of learning.

Be careful not to trip on the homeless who live across the street. They mean no harm. Most of them are happy that we just captured the Homeless Killer. He was a real pain, but things have quieted down just as you were arriving. How lucky for us.

If you go to any events at the Convention Center, just think how fine our city will be if we help the NFL Chargers build the new stadium they want so badly. But we might fumble that as well. We have lost soccer teams. NBA teams and hockey teams before, so we are used to screwing up and being jilted by our teams.

Did I tell you about the weather?

Have a great time, drink responsibly and arrive home safely.

We hope you have the week of your dreams!

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