Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life in My Pajamas

My readers ask me from today's emailbox.

Why do you call your blog "Life in my Pajamas?"

Why do you think?

I have mentored millions!

Many now start with me by accepting my $29 Invitation to Mentor with a CPA who has Mentored Millions!

And guess who gets me many of those leads?

My writers!

I pay those leads $5 but I have made tens of thousands on my mentoring.

And I pay well.

Some of my writers have joined me this week to join me in writing restaurant reviews.

I have started rehearsing for my summer Casey at the Bat performances

see youtube.co/stevetarde

So I am just dabbling in restaurant reviews this month but I will gladly mentor you personally or pay you for someone you refer me to.

Consider the Story of Trong.

After reading today's post, SEARCH for the Story of Trong in my blog and you will come to the May 2016 profile.

I am influencing Trong to hire a team of writers to promote his eatery, The District in San Diego.

So your challenge is to become an "influencer" on social media and persuade Trong that hiring a writing team is just what he needs.

If I get paid, all those participating get a bonus in their paypal.

Remember you can email me, text me or even MESSENGER me 24/7

Time for a nap!

Damn! Where did I put those pajamas?

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