Monday, June 13, 2016

Can you write a Restaurant Review?

My readers know that I often write that coaching and writing online is like taking candy from a baby.

And of courses the social entrepreneur I am I back off that expression quickly because it makes me come off as the ugly American.

Consider the many people who will be responding to my post for restaurant review writers.

It sounds like fun to them. Writing reviews for restaurants? How hard can it be?

Well, not hard for a writer. Maybe hard for anyone else. Recall the baby reference earlier?

Note that my blog is now called LIFE IN MY PAJAMAS to match my publisher's desire to profit from my connection with lazy people.

Each week I select a few restaurants who have an online presence and then I generate activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and perhaps even the 10 year blog that you are reading right now.

My writers can eat at these restaurants if they wish but that might be difficult.

If my writer lives in Melville or Mudville for that matter and the restaurant is in San Diego.

No matter.

It's not as much a physical review as it is an influencer post.

Online dictionaries define INFLUENCER as

one who moves or compels a person or people to take action that they propose

Duly noted.

We are paid by clients to influence a prospective patron to visit their location to dine, etc. And the hope is that once they become a customer, they will come back. Come back often and tell their friends as well.

So if you haven't had a turkey sandwich at The District in San Diego (and by the way you are missing out on the best sandwich in the city) it would be wrong to write that The District has the most delicious sandwiches you ever ate--unless you had actually been there to eat them.


Because you are one of my writers and rogue writers don't play on my team.

However you could write.

The District in San Diego is well known as having the best sandwiches in the city or to be even more succinct.

If you are in San Diego, visit @thedistrictsd

Visitors rave about the sandwiches.

How do you know what to write about?

Bookmark this blog and keep coming back.

There is always something new here and you will soon fall into step.

It costs nothing to begin writing, but some entrepreneurial writers have been known to partner with me on certain projects to increase their cash flow and accelerate their writing business.

I am always available for questions at: or you can MESSAGE me on Facebook for even faster response.

Go back through my blog and read my profiles to assess my writing style.

But I want what you bring to the table so to speak and the stronger your social media connection the more likely you will succeed on my writing team.

How do you get paid?

I pay based on client fees and those writers who have made an impact growing said clients social media.

Writers are paid monthly via their paypal.

I can say this. If you become a team player, follow the posts on this blog, ask good questions, follow instructions in those emails, you will make money with me.

And if you lose interest at any time, just go away.

I won't miss you any more than you will miss me.

Too many writers in the sea--if you know what I mean.

Well that's enough for now---I am almost ready for my nap.

Come back tomorrow.

A client will be waiting.

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