Saturday, June 11, 2016

Imagine (2016)

Imagine there's no countries.

It isn't hard to do.

Nothing to kill or die for.

And no religion too.

Imagine all the people

living life in Peace.

You may say I'm a dreamer.

But I am not the only one.

Did John Lennon write the baby Boomer national anthem?

Maybe so.

75 million of my Baby Boomer brothers and sisters join me in this message I am sure.

And I don't need petition signatures to get it on the ballot.

I love my America!

I have never made a secret of that.

Everything about it.


Here is what I hate about my America.

I hate guns and what they can do

I hate homelessness and can imagine how I would want to die if I had to spend night after night sleeping in the street

I hate Alzheimer's and I hate that being diagnosed with it is the same as a death sentence--while my country who unlike any other country in the world has sent a man to the moon and yet America sits on the sidelines and watches this killer disease become the monster we all fear but can't find a cure for.

I hate obesity and for the hell of me cannot comprehend why someone who is obese will tell you sheepishly that they can't control their food addiction and then go across the street to a hometown buffet where it is all you can eat--and they do!

I hate drunk driving and I support all organizations like MADD doing their all to prevent convicted drunk drivers from driving drunk by locking their ignition when alcohol is detected.

What do you hate?

How much do you really hate it?

Do you hate it enough to finally do something about it?

Now we are really having my kind of conversation!

For over 50 years I have been entertaining audiences with my Casey at the Bat, an American baseball icon!

You can see me as Casey on Fox Television during the 2014 All Star Break at

These days at 66 years old I do Casey only in Benefits for organizations I raise money for. I will be performing on July 11 in San Diego to kick off this year's All Star game at Petco Park. My audience will be a group from Serving Seniors, a marvelous organization who serves hot meals to low income seniors who would so without if these caring people didn't exist.

I am going to do all I can as Casey to make certain they are here to stay!

And then the spin off!

Remember Spin-offs Baby Boomers?

Like The Jeffersons and Maude were spin-offs from All in the Family.

Casey tries to spin his Benefit appearances to other groups who deserve to be recognized and funded.

Go to and take a look at this company I have been bragging about for the past 9 years.

When I perform for Serving Seniors next month Sabre Red will be on my key chain--as it has been since 2007.

It has to do with what happened to me in February of that year.

To many Americans--too many Americans, in fact--they get mugged at least once in their lifetime.

Some get shot.

Some get stabbed.

Some get punched or kicked or suffer head trauma!

Many end up in the ER.

And many are less fortunate and end up in the morgue.

I walked away that day in 2007. I lived and because I was fortunate enough to live I knew I was going to share my nightmare and have no doubt about it--ask anyone who has been mugged. It is a nightmare!

And that is true only if you get to walk away so you can even experience the coming nightmares.

I started to search immediately for a solution--to get back my swagger when I was walking.

As a performer, I didn't believe I was at risk after coming off stage and now I write these words when the news of today is that a young singer has been shot and killed in Orlando while she was signing autographs.

Did I tell you I both love and hate my country?

My search led me to Sabre Red. And I could breathe again.

On that day I ordered Sabre Red pepper spray online and it went on my keychain and has never left.

I walk hundreds of miles each month to stay in the best shape that suits me. I savor the confidence of having Sabre Red with me as my personal security detail. Sabre Red is my Secret Service.

Who is protecting you?

Sadly, 3 years after my mugging, a 17 year old young lady who was months away from her 2010 high school graduation, was mugged, raped and then killed on a jogging path north of San Diego.

It made national news.

And now on the first Saturday of March, her foundation holds a 5K run/walk in her honor which each year attracts some 8,000, including many young girls who are now 17 as Chelsea King will always be.

That is when Sabre Red and I agreed to make Casey a spokesperson and Casey will be rocking Sabre Red when he entertains one thousand seniors in San Diego.

We are still looking for the right mix but one thing is certain.

Everyone needs Sabre Red on their keychain.

You never know when you will be suddenly alone and therefore vulnerable. You never know when someone will jump out of the shadows. You never know when someone is targeting you, stalking you.

On that day in February 2010, Chelsea didn't know.

Now you know and maybe I have made a difference.

When you order online from Sabre Red, I have a gift for you.

Type CASEY in the promotions box and Sabre Red will discount your purchase thanks to Casey!

What are we going to do about guns in America?

I am so tired of hearing about the NRA position.

I am so tired of hearing from one more grieving parent, sibling or spouse who says maybe now things will change in America.

Guess what?

It won't!

Because we are a very stupid country!

That 1% you are always hearing about? Maybe they are talking about the 1% of us who have functioning and logical brains.


We can become a greater America.

I have trained millions to COACH FROM HOME to make a difference.

I teach them how to change lives.

We start with their own life.


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