Friday, June 10, 2016

Should you be a Life Coach?

I have trained one million to COACH AT HOME.

Since I wrote FIRE YOUR BOSS in 1982 coaching is the profession many of my readers have followed me in pursuing.

How much can you make as a COACH AT HOME?

Personally, I have topped the one million dollar per year level and many of my students have as well.

What kind of position am I offering?

As an online lead generator, you will use your writing and social media skills to direct future students to me.

Direct them to my blog

If they order CPA Reports, they get a discount when they mention who referred them and that triggers your payment.

And this student generates a lifetime of earnings for you after that first order.

These CPA Reports have sold in the millions. This month alone coaches who have been with me only a few weeks are making one thousand dollars a day in some cases and more.

My CPA Reports are modestly priced and sent directly to private email.

The 2016 top seller to date is

How To Change Your Life in 7 Steps as a Coach From Home

Bookmark my blog to be the latest to know the release of new CPA Reports.

Text me (no phone calls) and let me do what I do best.

Change your life so you can change the lives of others!

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Teddy Jones said...

Steve knows his stuff and he will bring success to you.