Monday, April 18, 2016

How to get involved in my New Play

In 128 years since Casey struck out with the tying runs on base and left the field while the Mudville fans went into a deep depression, Casey went AWOL. In my new play Casey at the Bat Comes Home baseball fans find out the real story and it is quite a tale. This will be the business leadership book of the century and will be on ever baseball fan's must read list. This is still April 2016. My followers are asking me how they might become involved in backing this play or connecting me with someone that can make a difference. For example, real estate companies have meetings all the time to train staff all over the world. For the most part, these meetings are as interesting as watching paint dry. My play is a comic force, loaded with leadership and motivational lessons and can be broken out into many segments to meet your time requirements. Casey at the Bat Comes Home can play on stage for ten minutes or it can play its full length of 90 minutes in two acts. To see a preview of me performing Casey, a role I originated when I was 15 years old, go to my you tube channel and see the Fox Television treatment at I look forward to hearing from you personally.

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