Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Genie and The Lamp

As a leading motivator in the 1980s before I went into early retirement, I often discussed the powerful law of attraction and how sending a message out into the universe is required to change your life. What message have you sent lately. This month of April has been the most personally satisfying month for me in the past decade. I am so blessed to have so many friends and enemies who both admire or motivate my work. I must have rubbed the lamp twice this month because I must mention two people who are special to me among the many too numerous for me to include here at this writing . I will not embarrass them by naming full names. First names will have to do. Nancy lives in Arizona and I have always wanted to work with her. Maybe now that I have written a play on baseball and leadership the stars will align. Thanks Nancy for coming into my life. And just this week, Jean came into my life with a hope that she can be of help to my new play Casey at the Bat Comes Home. Jean--you have already fulfilled that promise. My new play Casey at the Bat Comes Home opens in San Diego. Bookmark this blog and follow the day to day activities as I approach the opening.

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