Friday, June 05, 2015

Trolley Report

Incident Report: 6:50AM Young, 20's thin black male jumps in face of 30's female with the purpose of panhandling money. Woman resists. He is tuned on by the rejection and follows her to her seat, escalating the situation by loudly warning her that he will be in her face all morning long. Encouraged by the fact that there is zero Transit Police present, man screams at woman that he will follow her to work and be her "black shadow" until she dies of a heart attack. Observers on train are indifferent. I am ready to defend if I see him get physical with her. Until then, I must concern myself with my own safety. I look around the trolley--no police--nothing At H Street, woman jumps off trolley with man in pursuit. My final view of scene is her walking ahead of him as he laughs in her face. She is scared, desperately seeking a transit officer, but managing to stay unhurt. I get off at Palomar, see a transit officer and report incident. Ten minutes later, 50 transit officers are rushing the trolley to get back to H Street and confront assailant.

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