Thursday, June 04, 2015

Goodnight Friend

One final post from June 4. Friend calls me and says do not send wife retirement note. Has he lost his mind? Friend tells me that classmate is ripping me and wishes me good health. I tell "friend" that I hope classmate drops dead from heart attack tomorrow. Is friend really that dumb? Bottom line--friend who says this is giving him ulcer is a weak man, when I thought him strong. I thought friend believed in me, when all the time, he just wanted to keep his moronic friends. So it is with great reluctance that I suspend friend from my supporters. Will I ever forgive him? I want so badly to do that. But despite my hundreds of times reaching out to him he shows me it is not worth it. Come to me with an apology someday, friend and we can talk about a final act. I guess you will keep an eye on things by peeking behind the curtain and hoping not to bring attention to yourself. It suits you--sadly this is true. Goodnight, friend.

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