Thursday, June 04, 2015

We Will Always Remember

Note to myself. Cancel the NY trip. Hat is looking over my shoulder as I write this. Hat is a classic, but he has one fault.. I have many more. We have spoken about my belief that too many people you come across from high school bring their envy with them. Your success is not what they want to hear about. Basically, they hate you for any success you have earned. That is sad. But Harry believes the best in people and have made friends with many people who hate me. This has not been good for our relationship. But we have managed to move forward. While people like myself are taking chances with their life, they sit on the sidelines and yell accusations and lies. So over the past decade I built a Hall of Fame at our school. And I was slammed for it. As a comedian, it truly makes great material. Robin and I would have a field day. Well, I would. Robin is no longer. One member of my class lining up to give me a kick while I lay close to death, barely breathing and cowering from the non-ending attack. "I always thought Steve was a little odd, a bit too cheerful about his Whitman days. He was a little bit off. No one has that good a time in high school. It was very strange." Well, excuse me, if I had a blast during my 4 years. I had the time of my life. I can only wish my best friend had the balls to tell critics to fuck off. He doesn't and in the end, that might cost us our 50 year relationship. Maybe he will see the light. I know I am the same man then that I am today as I was when I was 18 and there is nobody more confident about what I do than I am--and the rest can go to hell. Whitman gave me a freedom that had never been part of my imagination growing up with the wardens. But today, a day after Casey's 127th, we move on--and Hat will understand there will be a time for us--somewhere---or maybe not. That's life--that's what all the people say. Your riding high in April--shot down in May (or in this case June 4).

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