Friday, June 05, 2015

A Fly On The Wall

The week ends with a yawn rather than another thunderstorm. We end up taking a hurricane like hit, losing a few hundred disgruntled alumni caught in the imbroglio and wanting no part of the group of me for that matter. I wasn't sure I wanted that much of me either. I could have played things differently. However, when one classmate noted my constant use of sarcasm as being an "asshole"--I was fast to defend. I had done nothing wrong--most monies involved were out of my control and finally, I had taken control of the group again. As Rupert Pupkin eloquently said in King of Comedy (1982)--"I would rather be an asshole for a day than a shmuck for a lifetime. The fact that my best friend was collateral damage saddened me, but I felt he must pay for his lack of loyalty. I am sure he would disagree. Now, he becomes a fly on the wall. Will he like the view?

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