Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Moron and the Fly

The moron rang my doorbell tonight and of course I listened. He cried that all he did was complain to the fly on the wall that there were questions which needed to be answered. However, that was not truly the case. The moron didn't simply ask questions. He greatly bothered the fly on the wall who unknown to anyone was suffering ulcers. He didn't ask questions. He made threats and he put them on a group wall in the middle of the night to stir lynching emotions. In the end, there was no substance and all the moron did was damage a friendship with the fly on the wall and get himself kicked out of the group. He is such a moron that he probably hasn't figured it all out. Maybe he should go back to doing what he does best--looking for lost classmates--the moron thinks that is as important as finding treasures from the Titanic. And where does this leave the fly on the wall and me? We have a lot of history that is far more important than all this drama. But until he can respect me for what I do and have done and stop lending his name to the haters, I don't want anything to do with him. Let him languish on that wall. The fly on the wall actually told me not to send his wife a congratulatory note on her pending retirement. This makes me think he is sicker than just ulcers. This makes me think he is losing his mind. I understand that the committee to elect the president is having an informal get together at a bar in the neighborhood. Those are events that the fly lives for. Those are his new friends. That is where he belongs. Not with me. And I would rather be undergoing root canal than joining that party. They will have so many toxic people in one room that they might need to contact one of those agencies which comes with those little yellow parkas to gather evidence and quarantine. And the committee will all be talking about this blog and causing the fly on the wall to tend to his ulcers once more. And when the event is over, they will all go to a Hall of Fame event and sing We Will always remember what loyalty is for--never knowing what that song really means.

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