Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Teaching Visionary Thinking and Writing

Business is good. There has never been a greater time to learn Visionary Thinking or to join my writing coaches team. My writers work with me to provide one-one online training on the power of Visionary Thinking and how Visionary Writing can trigger your power of attraction and help you achieve any goal. At 15 years old, Eddy seemed like just another prep student at a posh tiny school in Coral Gables, Florida near the University of Miami campus. What has made him on of the greatest minds in the computer world and set himself up to be a billionaire and on the Board of Directors of Ferrari Motors? Did the course in Visionary Thinking he took as a very young man have anything to do with it? Maybe a classmate of his provided the best insight. Janice is a realtor in one of the wealthiest beach cities in America. People from across the nation, especially in the frozen north and Midwest seek her real estate acumen to change their life under the sun at their sparkling new address. "I studied Visionary Thinking with Steve when I was 17 years old. Just the vocabulary alone is a priceless gift. This man thinks like no other. I have never met a teacher before or since with such power and insight. Personally, I think in the future and it helps me connect with my clients. I teach other realtors and their staff to think in the future. That is what makes us unique and ultimately what makes us great." In time, I took the Visionary Thinking course to athletes and coaches. A high school where a coach hadn't won a title in 30 years won after I worked with them for 6 games. They went on to win the 1996 Arizona State High School Basketball Championship on the floor of the Phoenix Suns. A coach who was in need of a winning season o save his job instead had a breakthrough season and won the first of back to back League Coaches of the Year awards to save his career. A varsity football player who was a star middle linebacker was having major anxiety about adding the task of running back as his team needed him to play on both sides of the ball. He used the power of Visionary Thinking to become one of the most decorated runners in school history. When Tony Gwynn began videotaping his At Bats during his Hall of Fame career (1982-2001) few had an idea what he was doing. This was an early form of Visionary Thinking which would lead Gwynn to a record 8 batting championships. Sadly, the same Visionary Thinking failed Tony when he ignored the warnings of doctors who predicted life threatening consequences if he continued chewing tobacco while playing. At his death, Tony and I were having conversations how the same visionary thinking could save the lives of teenage athletes he so passionately cared for. Today, the Visionary Thinking Conference owes its growing status to luminaries like Tony Gwynn who wee never afraid to think in the future and faced it with relentless pursuit. VISIONARY THINKING (2016) is the third book in Steve's Power of Mind Trilogy. FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF (1982) GIFT TO MY DAD (2010). To order a signed copy of VISIONARY THINKING (Xmas 2015) send $50 PAYPAL to and a separate email to that address with your Post Office mailing address.

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