Thursday, June 25, 2015

Joining my Viisonary Writing Team

Become familiar with Visionary Thinking as it appears in my 10 year blog. Read GIT TO MY DAD (2010--Amazon) AND VISIONARY THINKING (2016) now taking orders for Xmas 2015 delivery. Begin sharing clients with me by sending $100 to my PAYPAL account at for co-op advertising which I control. This will be the only time you are required to pay for advertising as I share with my coaches through our fees. Last step is to text me at 619-807-8827 that you have completed the Paypal step. This text adds you to my coaching roster. Within 24 hours of your payment, you will begin teaming up with me as we teach another student the power of VISIONARY THINKING/WRITING and/or add another visionary writing coach to our team.

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