Sunday, June 07, 2015

Grocery Ward

I was going to pass out. I was trying to negotiate paying the rude cashier and making it to the front door whwn I would hopefully see my father's yellow Cadillac. IT WAS AS IF I had been beaned by Randy Johnson--he hits a batter and then stares him down for complaining. But I was no JT Snow. I was in a neighborhood grocery store in National City and suddenly I look up and a kind man was smiling back at ne. He barely had the time to talk to me. I was feeling dizzy and then I lost the feeling in my legs. When I came to, he was leaning over me and that day he took me home. Two weeks later it happened again. Twice in one store. I had never passed out in my life and now I had done it twice in one store. By the day after Xmas I was on my way to CCU. Soon, I was in critical condition. My kidneys were in failure. Then a funny thing happened. I began to get better which led to another meeting with the man from Wrigley Field.

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