Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Admin--to Madmen to Deadmen

It had been a week of tumult-- I had barely survived a mutinous run as I had survived the equivalent of a drive by shooting on the grounds of my venerable high school. I looked around at the dead bodies strewn on the ground. They had been my original ad--men. Now they were all dead men. The bodies were all over the place--it was like the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. It almost choked me up to see such carnage--but not quite. There was Fly On the Wall--who wasn't officially an admin, but he was family. and now clearly had taken a bullet to his timid brain. Next to him, shot several times in the face was Jimmy Olsen. Boy, could he use the help of leggy Lois Lane now. His big mouth was worse than Ralph Kramden and Ralphie wouldn't ever have ratted out Ed Norton. It was still puzzling why Jimmy took the road he chose. jimmy was just being jimmy. There was Smelly Boy who was a Mets fan and that was enough to rub him out. Still, he had a severe envy hard on and at the first drop of blood in the waiter--he went for my throat. Such high school antics, but duh--this was Romy and Michele--Part Deux. Beauty Queen had been easy to figure. Lonely, depressed and looking like a witch--she had grown old, ugly and willing to get even--with anyone and everyone. To be continued--isn't this fun?

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