Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Casey to HOF?

127 seasons. Baseball icon. What does it really take to ne enshrined in Cooperstown? My buddy Barry Bloom is a Hall of Fame writer with a vote--would he vote for the big slugger from Mudville? Bloom votes his conscience. Unlike the crusty Bill Center, voice of the San Diego Union-Tribune , Bloom votes on the player, not the scandal. He is not consumed with the cheating question. After all, it wasn't cheating until MLB finally decided to make rules. Maybe Bill Center has his head in the proverbial sand (I could have sais something else) when he says guys like Rose, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Mac--are all out. I am fairly certain BB does not share that voting preference. I once asked crusty Bill about my favorite player all time, Steve Garvey, a player the Padres honored with a retired number he so turned around that franchise's sad history in just a handful of seasons, his final MLB seasons, as they would turn out to be. That kind of an honor, a retired jersey is not done for non-HOFers as a rule. "Not a Hofer" deadpanned blistering BILL> Now. to be fair, BILL DOES LOVE MY Casey and roars with big laughter and appreciation--so to me, he can't be all that bad. But Garvey is one of the bet big game performers in the history of baseball and that alone puts him in COOPERSTOWN> The 4th game of the NLCS in 1984 against the Cubs was one of the greatest money player games of all time. But Bill balks. Is he right, Barry? To be continued----- By the way, Casey comes out in 2015 slamming Cystic Fibrosis and taking the message to high school athletes that Chew is Not for you! If you would like to be one of Casey's team captains his season, make a donation via paypal and I will mail you an autographed copy of Casey in performance. go to paypal.com and then link to my paypal account at stevetarde@gmail.com and donate what is right for you. Send me your mailing address and voila--a picture will materialize.

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