Sunday, May 31, 2015

June 1, 1888

Note: Casey will be at Floyd' Barber Shop, shaving and signing at his 127th Birthday party on Wednesday, June 3 at 10AM until NOON. The shop is located minutes from Petco at 899 Market. I can only wonder where I was 127 years ago today. I do know that on June 3, I was introduced to the world as the famous Casey at the Bat in the pages of the June 3rd San Francisco Examiner. This is a buy Monday as wake up well before the sun rises in a city south of San Francisco, but every bit as beautiful. In a few hours, I will head to a city on the American side of the Mexican border, called San Ysidro. It is there that doctors will examine the phenomenon of a ballplayer approaching his 127th season. I expect there will be questions about my 21 year old girlfriend, Tiffany. Some reporters will offer their snide remarks about our 106 age difference. As if they had a clue as to what love really is. I can only hope that MLB Barry Bloom will be asking questions. From him, a ballplayer can expect a fair scoop.

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