Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Press Conference--Casey at the Bat

Where? Floyd's Famous Hair Cut and Shave--where Casey has chosen to start the celebration of his 127th Birthday (June 3, 1888) and kicking off his all time leading 127th year in the league, When? 10 AM tomorrow, Wednesday June 3 (until NOON) to honor Ernest Thayer's publication that day in the San Francisco Examiner the iconic baseball poem (with the wooden cap) Casey at the Bat. Who? Well, Casey of Mudville of course. In person. Several from de Hopper to James Earl Jones have portrayed the mighty Casey on he Boards and some quite admirably, Steve's Casey is considered the comic nonpareil and his social entrepreneurship--this year raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer, double lung transplants (Cystic Fibrosis) and No Chew Means You (educating highschoolers to stop or not start chewing tobacco---that ain't just comedy--those are real dollars and focus Mr. Tarde (as Casey) is raising. And he needs help. Why? Steve like most little boys (and many girls) has had a love affair with this game since he was 8 (first Yankee game 7/20/58) so he doesn't go back 127 years like Casey but he is up to 57 and still going strong. What? Come meet Casey,ask questions, take pictures and get autographs. You never know who will drop on by.

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