Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Teacher Reaches Out to a Former Student

On June 3, I begin my 127th season as Casey at the Bat.

As your former teacher on the enchanted island of Coral Gables, you know it was quite a long time ago that I entertained for you, but not quite 127 years.

My message of Casey and anti chewing tobacco, drunk driving and raising money for the striking out of Cystic Fibrosis are still my daily goals.

I have mentored millions as I once mentored you.

I hope you never forgot me, because I have never forgotten you.

You can go to my Facebook Fan page Casey at the Bat Challenge, LIKE it as fan and link to new video from Fox Sports San Diego which will show that your old teacher is still very much the comedian and it may bring back a laugh or two.

While on the page, you might want to comment about a memory or two you had about the legendary school we were linked to and the personalities who shared time there.

I would love to read such posts.

Finally, as a comedian and performer, I come to my greatest fans once a year for your support. I have two easy ways you can do this right now. A button exists at the top of  this page linked to a $10 contribution to show your support of a former mentor. If you prefer to up the ante, you must go to and then type in my paypal address and insert any dollar figure above $10 you prefer.

Don't forget to write something on my fan page because as a former student, you have  a very special connection to me and always will.

In fact, for those who make a contribution, I will gladly send you a glossy black and white, signed and dedicated to you showing our Miami classroom and a performance of what else---Casey at the Bat.

Thank you for helping  me.

Bookmark this blog to keep up with my performances.


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