Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Casey at the Bat Opens His 127th Season

The season opens June 3 in San Francisco for Mudville as it first did 127 seasons ago on June 3,1888.

One of the highlights if the 2015 Season is Casey/Steve returning to the scene of his Long Island ball playing roots when he hosts a Casey event for VIP's and films his 2015 video--"Casey at the Bat Against Cystic Fibrosis and Cancer from Chewing Tobacco."

Tickets for the New York event are very rare and you must email steve at for availability.

Casey will appear at a Celebrity Softball game for Breast Cancer Awareness (in his pinks) on Sunday, August 9 at the Lake Ronkonkomo Community Center Field.

You can show your support for Steve;s/Casey's work in the fields of baseball/sports/motivation/education/parenting/ drug prevention/safe driving, etc over the past 50 years by going to his blog address.

www.steve-tarde,blogspot .com and hitting the DONATE button for the $10 suggested annual support.

It will instantly link you to special offers, merchandise and events during the 2015 season.

You can also go to his Facebook Fan Page--Casey at The Bat Challenge, LIKE the page. If you have been a student of Steve's motivation in New York, Miami, or California--by all means don't just DONATE- share something personal about your experiences with Steve.

Should you wish to stretch your DONATION beyond the suggested amount targeted to our 2015 campaign, by all means do--and we are tickled that you are doing so.

You can DONATE any amount beyond the $10 on his Blog Title page, by linking to and then accessing Steve's account at

To DONATE to Steve you must use paypal, but you not need an account with paypal so let's clear that up right from the start.

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