Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Visualization Method


I developed a simple matchless method I call The Visualization Method (TVM) which can change the way one thinks.

It has been practiced by champions in business, sports, education and all aspects of life.

It is the ultimate confidence method and takes only 8 steps to master.

It's the most extraordinary 8 steps you will ever take in your life.

Where do you start? Step One.

1. The mind is a blank slate.Only the pictures I send to my mind deliver a mental film which will predict your immediate future.

2. Find a quiet place to send pictures to your mind and make this practice a permanent part of your day.

3. What picture? If you seek confidence, see yourself in a scene where you exhibit the confidence required. See yourself succeed and keep sending that message to your brain.

4. Start small. Expand your vocabulary by adding a new word to your mental inventory. Send a picture of that word and expand it to a film to own it forever.

5. Make a promise to your life. You will stop worrying and begin believing in the of sending film to rehearse your future (TVM).

6. Sports champions practice TVM religiously. Visualizing their next game slows down the contest and provides them with the opportunity to excel.

7. Let's say you have a speech to make. Per step #5, you have promised never to give into anxiety. Instead, the film builds your confidence. Each time you screen it in your mind, this confidence of yours, grows.

8. The success of TVM depends on your mentor and your student. Unless you work with a mentor and mentor a student, TVM will be words on a page.

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