Wednesday, April 01, 2015

No Fools Need Apply

It's April 1 again and this is a synopsis of me.

Read about Steve Tarde online and at my Casey at the Bat fan page on Facebook and gorge on my decade long blog at until your eyes cry out for you to stop.

I am about teaching others how I think in lectures and performing a classic baseball poem which has been around since 1888, almost as long as me.

Who are you?

That's what I want to know.

Are you as good as I am on the phone? Can you book baseball gigs? Can you talk to Final Four coaches like I do who seek out my advice?

Can you tell me a little about each of the women basketball coaches and their teams in the Final Four and handicap their chances?

In other words, I am looking for an assistant who can help me change lives.

My guess is that I will still be looking next month as well--I am cuddly, but I must admit--tough to work with.

So just how good are you?

Good enough for me to reach out to you after you make contact?

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