Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baseball Buddy

I am looking for a baseball buddy to be in business with me.

Note that I said I am in the baseball business.

Baseball has been very good to me. My Casey at the Bat page on Facebook is very popular and it will be part of your contribution to keep my social media page out there to the public.

My audience performance sells itself as I have a taped segment from a TV show performed for the San Diego Padres audience that can be accessed by all interested in booking me.

Ostensibly, that is your primary function--to book me to parties, groups, clubs, teams. etc who want to share an hour or more laughs with me during my one man show.

I handle the live show, but you do all the booking---so you see after a short time, we can become quite a team.

If you love baseball, selling, groups and comedy--maybe we should talk more.

I know you will find me.

Hope you get a hit today.


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