Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear Coach: Are You about to be Fired?

I will be in demand again today on the phone.

Hi, Steve, I am with State University. I got your number from Mr. X.

Steve, unless we start winning here at State, I am going to be fired.

Fact is, it is beginning to depress me. Steve, can you help me.

It can be fun being a guru, especially when the world is coming to your door more often after you have been sharing your innovative ideas for a good part of your life.

Business, being a CPA, numbers, busy work, they never thrilled me.

Winning thrills me.

And I teach coaches how to think so they are ready to win.

Yet that is still not the solution.

The solution is that I teach their players, their key players to think to win and that changes the team's chemistry.

Why do coaches like Geno, Calipari, and Coach K win every year?

I can tell you.

But you might not make the call to me.

Unless you are about to be fired.

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