Friday, November 07, 2014

America 2014

I came across a troubling post today on a school district website.

Apparently, a homeless man had rung the doorbell to an elementary school in the district early in the morning, before the children had begun arriving.

He asked for a cup of coffee and had questions about food banks and registering his children for the school.

The assistant principal sent him away without the coffee and without answers.

The note was sent to parents in the district to assure them that there was no danger to their children or staff and was simply an informative note to make them aware of the incident.

The missive went on to say that police had been advised and were searching the area, but so far, no results.

Am I missing something here?

What would he be charged with? Attempting to ask for a cup of coffee?

Is that a crime now in America?

What would have been the problem with connecting this person with social services and giving him a helping hand, rather than the back of his hand in dismissal.

This note was written by someone who I would call the Stupid-tendent.

What would you call him?

Are we losing our collective minds in America?


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