Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Dear Chair:

Dear Jacci:

After 2 years here on Facebook and over 1600 graduates, I can tell you that the Hall of Fame concept is growing.

I can do what I can to keep it growing from the social media end, but I would like to see my original intention of mentoring catch the same kind of passion for the students who now walk the same halls which began our journey.

Now, that the Hall of Fame body has reached over 50 members, you might consider a speaking group among the so honored. Those who would agree to return to the school and share in a Q and A with undergraduates who could be inspired by their vast accomplishment.

An informal Meet the Hall of Famer, if you will.

I continue to believe that the premise of the Hall of Fame to honor distinguished graduates is an extraordinary achievement for the district. I would hope that their message could be more intimately shared with future Hall of Famers.

I look forward to your response.

Steve Tarde
Class of 1968

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