Sunday, August 03, 2014

Who are you? (the words of a student in my online life coaching class)

"Who are you", you ask?  I am a human on the road of life. I'm a mother, daughter, sister, and a friend. I have arrived at nearly 42 earth years young, only to find that failing to plan is actually planning to fail. Little did I know that by placing myself last on the to do list I would create experiences that no longer reflect my value or intentions.  I am an indigenous prayer warrioress who longs for more time in communion with spirit. I am the chain breaker in a family of a harsh history. I am the matriarch of my family, in the midst of elder care and the care of my child. I am one who has walked this path alone for over a decade. I am one capable of shouldering deep hardship, yet knowing that the time for bondage has long since past.  I am gregarious with a huge heart. I am the one who gives that last dollar knowing that it could be Jesus asking.  I am fiercely protective of my people, and now I must learn the same for myself. I am an optimist, a dweller in nature, an adorer of the moon and sea. I am the one who must and will find the way to freedom on all levels for my family. I'm the one who is learning how to honor myself. I'm a survivor of horrors, and in spite of that I hold the heart of a child inside me. I am that one who would love to write the book of the journey from being imprisoned by Babylon to the victorious triumph of knowing that I brought my gifts out fully for others to know , feel, and learn from. I am one who knows how to cry and still let a smile show through knowing full well that I'm being made a new as my tears water this earth. I am one who looks forward to learning ever more deeply that I have what it takes to provide for and protect my loved ones. As the saying goes" im a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton powered by stardust".
I am Jamie Wynne...the one and only, a precious being here on this journey of life.

Why did I publish this?

Can't you guess?

Jamie is a diamond!

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