Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Showing Wildcat Love

An amazing thing happened overnight to this page. Dozens of Wildcats returned with love and admiration for their school. triggered by a few questions from yours truly as to where it all began. I couldn't be more pleased. Especially after a health issue pushed me to the sideline for 9 months, it was special to see so many of our classmates show their true love for their school. After all, that is why I worked so hard to make the Hall of Fame happen. That's why we are all here.... As I try to keep up with the activity here and thank or acknowledge each and every one of you, I have just one request. Something that my classmate Vaughn Olson has already managed to do this morning and he knows I love him for it. Our family grows because of you. Take a moment to look at your FRIENDS list on Facebook and today, ADD at least one of those friends who went to Whitman with you to our page. This is how we grow, And once again, thank you for being here. The new Hall of Fame class will be announced soon and I will be glad to share that news with you. We are all linked by an extraordinary education and last night, the love poured out from all over the country to this page. I hope, like me, for a moment, you were back in time. Back to a school we can not and will never shake from our minds. Hail to Thee Walt Whitman. The best of schools we know.

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