Thursday, April 11, 2013

Asked To Write a Toast

Amanda, Christmas will never be the same for me after you were born. I hear guys all the time talk about their gifts received and gifts given And it makes me smile. Because I know how I felt the first time I saw your little face and I I knew that no gift would ever match the gift you had given your dad. I have a secret I must confess to today. Growing up, my time with you was very precious and I never wanted to share you with your friends. I wanted you all to myself. Now I must share you again with (son-in-law) and I envy him that But I also welcome him to our family because I know you love him so very much. And that makes it perfect with me. I want you to know that your beautiful mom is watching from above. Don’t be sad. This is your day and I don’t want you to be sad for an instant. I just want you to know that she feels as buoyant as I do. She is beaming how beautiful your life has turned out and that you have found your special man. That is all she ever wanted. That is all I ever wanted as well. So, I raise a glass to your happiness, your candor, your whimsical way of looking at things in life which makes you laugh and makes others want to be part of your life. If I have to share you for the rest of my life, you couldn’t have picked a better man to begin your journey with. I know it will be a journey lined with challenges, opportunities, hills and valleys. That is what life is all about. Amanda, you have made my life so very special. And today, on this sweetest day in your life, let’s drink to the sweet success of your future. Thank you for being part of my life. A father was never more proud than I am at this very moment. Salut!

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