Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Star Crossed Lovers

Star and I had a passionate love affair, but it couldn’t last. I was writing and killing on both coasts and there was far too much time separated. Eventually, she found a lover and our relationship dissolved. For a time, I thought about adding him as a hit, but the feeling passed. I don’t like jails and I am far too narcissistic to take my own life. I would rather consider myself a modern day Robin Hood and Ernest Hemingway . That would suit me just fine. I was growing into a role of writing novels about the lives of others. It meant I needed no Stars or Moes in my life. And that is just the way I liked it. I would get asked from time to time at one of my book signings or lectures what I would do about events like Sandy Hook. I can best answer that question by reprinting the letter I sent the parents shortly after that tragedy occurred. Dear Sandy Hook Promise: I read today in my Los Angeles Times of the lofty motives of your non-profit. What stood out to me was the quote that flew out of paper: “Doing nothing is no longer an option.” The reason that resonated with me is I used practically the very same words on December 14, 2012, a day which will forever be linked with Newtown history. My point is direct. Since I am a writer who spends a great deal of time debating this subject, I figured I would share my views. The fact is we are now one month past the tragedy and all schools have returned from Christmas and Winter Break. And you have done exactly the opposite. You haven’t done a damn thing. Am I being hyper critical? You bet. But you set the bar. You said that “doing nothing is no longer an option.” You should be more aggressive—like our President—you might recall him---his name is President Obama. He has already researched the problem and this was his answer---and it came to him years before the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Take a look at this blurb from the news. Sidwell Friends, a Washington, D.C. area private school, has 11 armed security guards and is apparently hiring an additional police officer. Sasha and Malia Obama attend Sidwell Friends, as did other First Kids like Chelsea Clinton, Tricia Nixon, and Archibald Roosevelt. Wait a doggone moment! 11 armed security guards? Did you have that kind of protection in your school? Of course you didn’t! The next time you want to launch a non-profit and you are really serious about doing something---because doing nothing is no longer an option, I would suggest you actually do something (like hire or lobby to hire armed guards) and not find another way to do absolutely nothing. Despite your good intentions, the fact remains that another tragedy will happen in Newtown or a town just like it, moments from now---and you have done nothing to stop that. Not a damn thing!

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