Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Words

From all over the world, I get requests for more information about the novels I write about your life. Now, I am taking it a step further. I will write you the first line of the novel of your life. First, I will ask you a series of 10 original questions which might lead to more questions for me to get the right feel for the tome I am about to pen. Then for a modest fee, I will put into words the opening sentence to the novel which comes to my mind. And here is the best thing. I have decided, with the increased demand for my unique work, that this is the very best way for me to choose the projects I will accept to work on. So, if you love the first words and want to see more, I will give you that option and we will pursue a deal which will turn your life story into a novel. In this way, you will already be invested and so will I. Message me ASAP so I can work you into my schedule.

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