Friday, January 18, 2013

The First 150

The 25/150 Formula I challenge my writers. I might ask them to MESSAGE me 25 words describing the story of their life or I might encourage them to send me 150 words in order that I see how they are selling it to the reader. If you want your book to be read by more than your close circle of friends and family, you better be able to entertain them. 150 words tell me if you are up to the task. I have to teach many writers that those first 150 words are your one chance to hook the reader. Therefore when an aspiring writer contacted me with a riveting story of horror and redemption, I jumped at the chance to publish her book. I also wrote her first 150 words. There was nothing about August 5th, 1995 that would lead me to believe it would be the worst day in my life. Eight months pregnant with my fourth baby, I was very much in love with life and met the sunshine of this Saturday with my regular passion. My husband Ricky calls out “Babe, do you feel like coffee?” I opted for orange juice which would not upset my stomach. Everything seemed so perfect and then my entire world turned upside down. How can a family of five going on six go off the tracks in a single day? It has taken me 17 years to relive the tragedy which took my husband and 9 year old Tyler from me. 17 years to visit the past. But going back is where I am headed. I have decided that my writing is my only way to deal with my past. Am I ready for the pain and heartbreak? No. But I have fallen in love with writing and I am ready to move forward with my life. Now, is that time. What do your first 150 words look like? Can I help?

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