Friday, January 18, 2013


First, I thought I heard laughter. As I came closer, my ears began to do their thing. It was crying that I was listening to; a plaintive wail, as if I had come upon a wounded animal. I pressed my ear directly against the door. I could hear the breathing now; irregular, almost gasping, deep sobs, trying to catch their breath What had happened in this person’s life to make them as unhappy as they were at this very moment. Silence! Then it began again. A single sob followed by another and another and then what seemed to be shrieking as if they were speaking in tongues. Was this a suicide in the making? Should there be someone I should be calling to prevent the taking of a human life. I looked into the mirror. Then it all came back to me. I was the person in this bathroom. I was the person crying and wailing, who had sunk to the lowest point of their life. What I need to know was why?

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