Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Start by Writing an Open Letter

Who should you write an open letter to? Not a week goes by where I am not dashing out an open letter to someone or somebody who has made me take notice. It is an excellent way for writers to do what we do best: Write! This week, a story in the Los Angeles Times ticked me off. It seemed that several parents who sent their kids to the Sandy Hook schools, but were fortunate enough not to lose any of their children on December 14, decided to take a stand and “not let this kind of thing ever happen again.” But they didn’t put forth any proposals and to me, their attempt sounded hollow. I lashed back with information which has leaked out regarding Obama’s daughters attending a DC private school that is heavily secured with armed guards. That is the kind of protection we need as a nation. Years ago, the elder President Bush was giving a speech and passed out in the middle of it. Almost immediately, three doctors caught him in mid-air before he could fall and hurt himself. One of the spectators was heard to say: “That is the kind of health care we need in America.” Yes, despite what America would like you to think, we are a nation of classes and privilege. I have ranted often that the best thing you can do for your child is to do all you can to get them into an Ivy League college. Consider schools like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Brown, Dartmouth, Princeton and Cornell as the elite American club. Once you have gained entry beyond those walls, the contacts you will make for the rest of your life will set you up for the rest of your life as well as future generations. If you do not believe this, you are greatly pleasing all of those who are in the club and would like to keep you in the dark---forever. On any given day, an automobile accident involving alcohol is likely to grace your newspaper pages. Have you thought about taking a stand? How do you feel about drivers who drink and then get into their cars and set out to injure and kill others? This past season in the NFL, a Dallas Cowboy player did just that and the result was killing his best friend who sat in the passenger seat next to him. They were both in their 20’s. One life ruined and another life extinguished. How does it make you feel? To me, it might lead to the following: Dear Mr. President: I have an excellent idea to save billions of dollars in America and preserve thousands of lives each year. It will take only your signature. Bring back the 18th Amendment. Of course, this measure repealed the sale of alcoholic beverages in America. Personally, I wouldn’t lose an hour sleep if such legislation returned to our country. However, like the gun issue, it will never happen. America is too heavily invested in its booze to ever walk away from its commitment. This is sad, but true. However, you might have something to say from time to time on this subject to keep people alive and if you do, an open letter might be your forum. Think of all the issues you might address. 1. Guns in America 2. Abortion 3. Booze 4. Nutrition And the list is endless. If you have always wanted to write, but didn’t know where to start, now you do. Now you do. Start with an open letter and open the floodgates to your words.


Anthony Hosking said...

Good stuff from a professional write, good one all one paragraph. get a proof reader

Kathy Bonet said...

By following your post and reading your blogs am feeling more of why do I not speak out more? Many of us stop short, for varied reasons. So many trying to be politically correct not venturing into taboo' subjects: religion and politics. More need to find their voice, with an issue that needs attention and write or speak out.