Saturday, January 26, 2013


Anthony looked around the cast conference room at the swank Hilton. It was filling up fast. Dozens of dozens of Corporate Charlies determined to Fire Their Boss and find out why some commute to Cancun and Maui and never go on the Interstate before Noon or after 2PM. But Anthony was feeling low today and it had nothing to do with entrepreneurial misgivings. Anthony was a Lifer. No, what Anthony needed was something which would attract followers, like the throng which was filling this room. That was what was missing in Anthony’s life. From the back of the almost filled room, a man was gesturing, trying to get someone’s attention. Anthony pointed a questioning finger at himself. Was the old man calling for him? The presentation was about to start and the lights dimmed. Anthony decided to see if the elderly man was indeed trying to get his attention. What Anthony did next was about to change his life forever.

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