Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

I have been known to bet on football games. It is a tough deal at this time of the year. All the teams on the path to the Super Bowl seem to be teams of destiny. Certainly, the 49ers and Ravens qualify. The fact that the teams are coached by brothers makes this game a lightning rod to analyze. But it goes so much deeper than that. So today I am picking the Raisins (I have always liked call them the Raisins) to win it all. And here’s why you would wise to do the same. When Ray Lewis announced a few games back that this would be his last “ride” I said to myself “thank goodness.” I respected him as one of the NFL greatest but his mouth was always in motion and I could never separate him from his thug persona. The Ravens had just fired their offensive coordinator and it hardly looked like they could reach the playoffs let alone make a Super Bowl run. Then 200 started happening all over again. Two charmed teams are left. Two teams coached by the same blood. Two teams who have never lost the big game. How do you look for a separating factor? You continue to dig. And then you go from the emotion of Ray Lewis to the emotion of his championship teammate and you just can’t get past this. You just can’t His name is OJ Brigance and he is 43 years old. And before the end of this year, he will probably be dead. You see OJ was sentenced to death five years ago and his time is almost up. OJ never murdered anyone. OJ was a 2 time champion and in fact was on the same championship team that he and Ray Lewis played on 12 years ago. OJ played right next to Ray at Linebacker. But in 2007, OJ was diagnosed with ALS. And so I can no longer deal with the emotion. I was trying to deal with the Ray Lewis Farewell Tour. I cannot deal with the sentiment of OJ Brigante. I will say it. I love Jim Harbaugh since he started his coaching career here in San Diego, under the nose of the moronic San Diego Chargers, I might add. Jim will have other chances. OJ won’t. The Ravens will win the Super Bowl in New Orleans. It must be.

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