Monday, May 28, 2012

Words 82-84

Three tests down, one to go. How are you doing? At this point, you should be very well aware how I built my own and thousands of student’s word base over the past 40 years. In the last decade, I have tried to tweak my system. By that, I mean ADD words which make my intelligence greater and my vision clearer. DROP words which waste my time and don’t add value. Look at it as you would people. You ADD FRIENDS at this point of your journey to make your journey more complete. You DROP FRIENDS who are toxic, who are not your friend and diminish you and your goals. Let’s hit the final 20…out of the park! 82. Voluble Perhaps not as common as loquacious or verbose, but keep in mind the more options you have to express yourself in words the more skill you will exhibit in your reading, writing and speaking. 83. Cryptic People often speak in riddles and have problems getting to the heart of the matter. If the prefer to speak with arcane language, they are being cryptic and now you have words for them. Add pictures and stir. 84. Myopic We have discussed doctors and eyesight, but what about conditions of the eye? Myopia is near sightedness. As a vocabulary word, it reveal’s one’s lack of vision more than one’s need for corrective lenses

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