Sunday, May 27, 2012

Words 79-81 Plus Test #3

79. Accrue Another fiscal word. Keep in mind what I have said about business and schools. For some reason, the powers to be never wanted you to learn a damn thing about business, so you better get started. Tine is a wasting. 80. Enigma One of my favorite expressions about an enigma is he is an enigma wrapped around a puzzle. Of course I am poking fun at the person while having fun with the meaning of the word. Many people have no problem describing others as strange. It takes someone with a power vocabulary to go beyond. Who will you be? 81. Innocuous A good word to describe anything that is not harmful. Insipid can be added to the cluster. 1.____Optimist a. the reason they have a positive outlook 2.____accue b. the rest of the story 3.____ enigma c. Marilyn 4_____Raconteur d. communication lacking 5._____anagram e. filibuster 6. _____ loquacious f. synagogue 7.______sanctuary g. word games 8______crucible h. popcorn 9.______xenophobe i. liability 10._____epilogue j. Bermuda Triangle Three tests down, one to go.

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