Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Words 85-87

85. Oblique You can add this power word to cryptic and covert, but sports lovers will know that the word has become a newly coined term for an abdominal muscle strain which has disabled many athletes. 86. Acquiesce Agreement and disagreement are your options in dealing with any issues of the day. Do you acquiesce? I visualize you nodding in agreement, so the answer must be yes. 87. Inebriate One of the joys I have had over the years is to adapt my vocabulary system to programs of social awareness such as drinking and driving, bullying, and stopping violence against women You see it is my theory that by introducing words into your vocabulary to educate you on these subjects, you will speak out about them in your community and make a difference. The FORULA as it has been referred to and as Monica taught in her story, represents my lifelong passion for words and the images which can grow our national vocabulary and provide a more level playing field for education. Our society has a drinking problem as well and we are doing a better job of addressing this, but we have a long way to go. One way to deal with it is to include such words as inebriated and intoxicated in your vocabulary and develop the images which go with this impaired state Often the pictures and words act as a deterrent to participate in such behavior. Isn’t that what you want for your children

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