Monday, May 21, 2012

Words 61-63

Time out……Tarde! In the 90’s, America went on a health craze and I began to add words to my personal 100 and witnessed others as well who followed suit. Readers wanted to lose weight, learn more about nutrition, lower their blood pressure and cholesterol. Good for them. Combined with attention to exercise, America was trying to get healthier and more fit. This despite the fact that our schools had kids as literal hostages for at least 13 years and taught millions of students not a thing about how to eat. So why was it a mystery why so many of us ended up with a myriad of health issues and obesity? And of course, when America shits focus, our capitalist economy is set up for entrepreneurs to swarm in and profiteer. Words were changing. A personal vocabulary course? We were on a journey and each new road came with exciting twists and turns. 61. Pretentious We have studied words such as intrepid which represents confidence in sport and in life. Keep in mind we are not referring to arrogance or pretentious actions which simply bring one attention and little else. 62. Want a better system to learn words that describe people with little going on upstairs? Now you have one. What will your picture be? A cartoon character showing someone with a dimming light bulb flickering over their head? I like that one. 63. Vapid Same church, same pew. I want my readers to have options when they articulate, options when they write. To build a truly eclectic and dynamic vocabulary, but must have an extensive number of words at their disposal to describe the sane observation. This book launches 100, but it is teaching you a system of word building.

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