Sunday, May 20, 2012

Words 58-60

******************************************************* 58. Clairvoyant There are some who will tell you when they began the study of visualization built into this course, their perception powers have been triggered. Of course, there is the student who is now worth over 100 million dollars who has mastered the power of attraction like few others. Are they truly clairvoyant? That’s for others to say. What do you say? I will say this. If you practice visualization daily each day for the rest of your life, your life will change and you will think in a manner never visited in all your years. 59. Condescending Nobody enjoys being treated as if they were a fool. Unfortunately, we will run into many people in our lives who are arrogant and think that they are talking down to others. That type of “condescending” behavior is maddening and I am sure you have a personal experience or two you can share. The words to describe this attitude are weapons against it being practiced against you. You have heard the response condescending and patronizing. That’s where those power words evolve. Steve’s Note: Bullying: In the past 10 years, patronizing and arrogance has turned violent with the reemergence of the bully. We must stop the bully before he hurts someone or worse. Again, it comes down to simple communication. If you see bullying take lace and do nothing about it, you are perpetuating a crime. If you are bullied and say nothing about it, your weakness gives the bully power. That is what bullying is all about. If you are bullied or witness bullying, visualize what you will do next. It may save a life. 60. Longevity Often we refer to someone’s health and wish them long life, but we can’t find the right word. Whether you image someone with a long beard and cane or have something else in mind as the picture of health growing older, words which describe age are words to be included in your treasury, Time out……Tarde! In the 90’s, America went on a health craze and I began to add words to my personal 100 and witnessed others as well who followed suit. Readers wanted to lose weight, learn more about nutrition, lower their blood pressure and cholesterol. Good for them. Combined with attention to exercise, America was trying to get healthier and more fit. This despite the fact that our schools had kids as literal hostages for at least 13 years and taught millions of students not a thing about how to eat. So why was it a mystery why so many of us ended up with a myriad of health issues and obesity? And of course, when America shits focus, our capitalist economy is set up for entrepreneurs to swarm in and profiteer. Words were changing. A personal vocabulary course? We were on a journey and each new road came with exciting twists and turns.

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