Saturday, May 19, 2012

Words 55-57

55. Caustic Another word that can deal with acid, metals and science. But we have borrowed the word to refer to negative qualities in describing someone’s personality. 56. Intrepid I have taught my personal vocabulary system to athletes in every sport known to man. By learning my formula, these athletes became students on their way to becoming champions. One of their common faults when beginning study is no different than many of us. They allow negative thoughts to dominate. When one becomes intrepid, there is no longer room for a negative thought in such a positive environment. 57. Mendacious We have a power word for lie and its prevaricate. Mendacious can be added to that cluster. Integrity is at the other end of the word tree. And your extraordinary vocabulary is flourishing. Time out Tarde ( a full time out) Over the course of the past 15 years, I have been asking students to replace my words with theirs. Try this exercise. List 5 words which reflect your life today. Then list 5 words which reflect where you are heading, I will discuss some of the more trenchant entries with complete confidentiality of course at the next time out.

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