Friday, May 18, 2012

Words 52-54

Coach Steve at Halftime: This is my rousing locker room speech I have been giving for 40 seasons. In 1968, King was killed in Memphis while our team was rushed home to avoid a riot. Strange things were about to begin happening in my young adult life. The next month, if you recall, I became an instant classic when I knocked in the tying run and scored the winning run against the Northport Tigers. Visualization was trying to get my attention. Another month passed and the school year ended with a second incomprehensible killing of Bobby Kennedy who was running for the presidency. The feeling at the time was America was a very unsafe place to live in. My friends began going to a place called Vietnam and were never heard from again. Yes, you are taking an online course which covers 40 years. And the best is yet to come 2nd Half Kickoff: In 1994, at the ripe old age of 44, I got an epiphany. I became a full time student of visualization. I would become the leading authority in the field and read every book that was ever written. Forget, that I had a BA, MBA and CPA, I was starting all over. It took two years, but when I returned to Paradise, AKA San Diego in May of 1996, I had earned what would have been a doctorate in amy college in America and I was a master in the power of visualization. The 100 Words began to take on new meaning with a social message as well as a vocabulary tool. 52. Emulate Who will you model yourself after? Create that image and commit this word to memory. I began to ask students to attract role models and withdraw from toxic forces in their life and as a result, greater numbers were attracted to my teaching. Some of my students started submitting their 5 most favorite words and their 5 least favorite words as a way of jumpstarting the power of attraction before the course eve began. Most favorite (Add) a. Wife’s name b. Children c. Independence d. Confident e. Happy Least Favorite (Drop) a. Pain b. Depressed c. Embarrassed d. angry e. concerned ******************************************************** 53. Arid My Goldilocks story of searching for weather and finding San Diego resonated with a lot of viewers who started submitting their words to make up their personal 100. In 1975, I made a promise to myself as I approached the age of 26. I would marry one of the most beautiful women in the world. I would write a book and make a million dollars I would move to San Diego, California. Within 12 months, I had the trifecta. I married a 19 year old knockout who walked into my life one day and we were married within 20 days. Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself became an overnight hit. Paradise, AKA San Diego became my permanent mailing address. Always thought it was funny that most people on east coast think San Diego is humid because of its proximity to water. If you want arid, you could do pretty well just stopping in Scottsdale, a sweltering (7 months a year) but attractive Phoenix suburb. If perfect weather is a goal of yours, you will have words in your 100 to draw you closer. 54. Benevolent Keep in mind the power words which describe the human condition. If someone can be obtuse, abrasive and confrontational, they can also be beatific, altruistic and benevolent. What images do you see when you consider such positive characteristic. Eat your vegetables, but use your adjectives.

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